Stomach viruses are no fun!

Last night I woke up around 5 AM with some bad stomach cramps. They didn’t improve as the day went on, and eventually I started throwing up so much we almost went to the ER. Thank goodness I’m better now! Hopefully I’ll be able to make rehearsal tonight… after all, I’m feeling better, and we are behind. A couple of days ago we got some really cold weather, and the pipes in our rehearsal building froze and burst, basically flooding most of the rooms. Oh, and the heat is busted. Yaaay.

Okay, enough about my tummy troubles. Today I want to write about something I’ve felt pretty strongly about for, well, a while. And that issue is dating. No, I’m not one of those Christians who believes that dating is immoral. However, I do think that kids under the age of 16 isn’t very appropriate. Why? First of all, I don’t think young kids and teens are emotionally mature enough to have a “significant other”. Second, you’re young! You’ve got plenty of time to worry about romantic relationships.

Don’t get me wrong- I think dating is a great way to get to know your partner. But should you worry about it at such a young age? In my opinion, no. However, most of my friends have a different opinion. I posted something about my views on dating on my facebook a couple of days ago, and I was met with responses such as “Cocoa, I think you’re insane, hon”. Maybe I am insane. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’m insane. 😀 But that’s just how I feel. Think about it- why are kids that age dating? Are they really looking for a serious, commited relationship? Most of the time the answer is no. Usually they’re in it just for the novelty of having a boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe for bragging rights (of course, teens over 16 may be in the relationship for those reasons as well- it just depends on the person). That’s why I’ve decided to wait before I start dating. Anybody else feel this way? Or do you guys disagree? I’d love to hear some different opinions. 🙂



16 Responses

  1. I think thats a nice reason. And i like you way of thinking 🙂

    i personally think that if you like someone go for it whatever the age. And maybe dating under 16 will help build confidence.

    God what i said sounds so different when i’m saying it that it does typed!!! the only thing wrong with blogging is that!

  2. Haha, don’t worry- I feel the exact same way. I sound completely different when I try saying what I’ve written in my posts. I prefer typing because I tend to sound smarter in writing!

  3. When it comes to boys the primary reason is for sexual benefits, very, VERY few boys actually date girls because they want to know them better…
    When it come to girls everyone of them has a different reason being more emotionally complex already most of the time it is because they trick themselves into believing that they are in “love”

  4. Aha, very true. Nice comment. 😀

  5. omg that must of been terrible! i went to the ER for a terrible earache on Christmas Eve-Eve and was there for 6 hours!

    speaking of dating, my friend’s 3 year old brother is soo cute!
    *at my friends house*
    Brother: Are- Are you free?

    Me: What?

    Brother: Are you free?

    Me: Free for what?

    Brother: A movie… *does that little twisty thing*

    Me: Yes. What movie?

    Brother: Tarzan!
    so we watched Tarzan. Then i had to go.

  6. Eww, that must’ve been bad. >.< Hopefully you got better by Christmas! I’ve never been to the ER for anything since I was 3, unless you count the endoscopies I got for my acid reflux. But the whole thing was just a planned procedure, and I wasn’t sick or anything.

    AWWW! 😀 I love little kids like that. I once did a show with a little boy (he was 11, so he was older than your friend’s brother, but still cute) who had a humongous crush on me. Well, he had a humongous crush on everyone. He even proposed to my (female) dentist. But yeah… that was more weird than cute. He called me "Hot Cocoa". O_o

  7. Out of curiosity, how did you find the blog?

  8. mayus blog. i took a look at your acww blog and thought you were funny, then when you commented on kats photos im like “yay!” and i clicked on your linked name and found myself here.

  9. Aaah, yes. Mayu’s blog. 🙂 She’s amazing! I probably should update my ACWW one… then again, I haven’t played that game in forever. But I’m glad you saw my comment! Now you’re here! I just started this blog, and I need readers. XD

    You think I’m funny?! Why thank you! Most of the time people just think I’m annoying. Or crazy. 😛

  10. yes i think your funny, it was the “So you think YOUR neighbors are strange” things that cracked me up.

  11. Aww, thank you! Those were fun to make. 🙂

  12. Do you play ACCF? Because of that I’ve totally dropped ACWW.

  13. Hello Cocoa! 😀 I’ve just added your new blog onto my blogroll, I hope it’s ok 😉

    Great, that you feel better now and about the dating thing:
    I was not interested in your age either 😉 . I couldn’t understand my girl friends why they wanted to have a boyfriend so early, I started to be interested about 17 I think… But I got my first boyfriend with 21 and he’s now my hubby for 16 years LOL.
    So don’t worry about that, I think you’re doing it perfect ;). Just be yourself 😀

  14. Yay! Thank you, Mayu! I really appreciate it! I shall add yours to mine as well. 😀

    And it’s not to say I’m not interested in boys… I just don’t want to bother with them yet. I don’t understand why girls would want to worry about that so young. So I definitely know where you’re coming from And that’s so sweet about your hubby!

  15. yeah! I mean, im 12, and pretty flirtatious, but i don’t need to start dating yet. All the guys in my class are pretty immature… (still in elementary school, the school system where i live.)

  16. I’m in high school. Guys are still immature. >.< After all, girls do mature faster than boys. I think it’s pretty cool that you don’t feel the need to start dating yet- when I was twelve, nearly all of my friends either wanted or had a boyfriend. Even back then I believed I didn’t need one.

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