Braces = torture

Aaah, it’s good to be well again! Food no longer repulses me, and I can move freely without being plagued by severe stomach cramps. It’s wonderful! I actually went to my classes and rehearsal today. Tori, one of my best theater friends, apparently got whatever I had too, as did, the rest of her family. Including herself, she has six siblings,  and three of them (along with Tori and her mother) got sick. My mother was under the weather yesterday too.

But unfortunately, if it’s not one thing it’s another around here. My stomachache is gone, but now my mouth is hurting like crazy. Why? You guessed it- I had my braces tightened! Hoorah! But seriously, folks. I hate my braces with the spicy passion of 1,000 red-hot chili peppers. Why? Let us count the reasons…

Reason #1 Your tongue gets stuck to your braces
Not only do they rub sores all in my mouth, I have gotten my tongue stuck on them before. I was simply eating a popsicle, and then all of the sudden I realized I couldn’t move my tongue! And, of course, it took my dear sweet mother a while to catch on.


Mom: What? What?

Cocoa: SHTUK!! *points at tongue*

Mom: Cocoa, I cannot help you if you don’t talk to me like a mature adult!

Oh yeah, that was a heckuva lotta fun. And don’t even get me started on the un-sticking process…

Reason #2: You get stabbed in the mouth by clumsy dental assistants
When you have braces, you gotta get them adjusted and tightened and whatnot at least once a month. It comes with the territory. Unfortunately, along with those visits comes a good amount of pain. Most people complain about the after-effects of the visit, but it’s the actual appointment I dread most. After all, when you’re getting your braces tightened, there’s a lot of twisting and pulling and clipping involved, and sometimes the dental assistants twist or pull or clip the wrong thing. I’ve been stabbed more times than I can count thanks to one little slip of the hand. In fact, that actually happened today- and it hurt!

Reason #3 You can’t eat anything that tastes good
…Okay, so maybe you can. Most of the time your dentist doesn’t know. I eat stuff I’m not supposed to- popcorn, skittles (I couldn’t live without skittles), so on and so forth, and I’ve never had anything said to me. However, sometimes when you do,  things can get… stuck. Don’t tell me it hasn’t happened to you- you were eating that delectable yet forbidden piece of candy, not even thinking about the possible consequences, when you realize it’s managed to lodge itself in your braces… and it won’t come out. And, of course, when it DOES come out, something breaks, and when your dentist asks what happened you have to tell him what you were eating. Then you must face the wrath of an angry orthodontist.

Do I really have to elaborate on this one?

Tori (the girl I mentioned earlier who also got sick) was born with perfect teeth. She didn’t need braces. Oh, how I envy her. I’m honestly counting down the days until I get that horrible device out of my mouth. Anyone else out there have braces? What do you hate the most about them?


6 Responses

  1. I don’t mind my braces. I don’t think my tounge has ever gotten stuck. And I think I’m immmune to pain or something, because whenever my orthro is like, “It’ll be sore for a few days.”, it never is. >XD I think I’m getting mine off in like a month or so, anyways.

  2. EEEE! JAYNA! *tacklesquish*
    You’re getting yours off in a month?! You lucky woman. I wish mine would come off sooner. My orthodontist is quite vague when I ask when I get my braces off. His usual response is “under a year… we think…” I’ve had ’em on for two years already!

  3. i have braces and to be honest i don’t mind them.Just like Jayna i don’t find they hurt as much as people say. Two years already wow!! Mine have been on for 1 year and 3 months 2 years he said to me but i think it will be longer!!

    know when they will come off??

  4. Hmm, really? I’m not much for pain, so maybe they just bother me more. They’ve always been a bit uncomfortable for me.

  5. I had braces for 10 years (well the first years weren’t those which are glued on your teeth but what you can just put on nights into your mouth) and it was…
    without any good results 😦
    By pushing one molar back to the right place it pushed a front teeth out of the line, meeeh! 👿
    10 years for nothing than pain, annoyance and bother 😛 😥

  6. Yipes!! Now THAT would really suck, Mayu. I know what you’re talking about- I had to wear special stuff at night for a while as well. Gosh, they’re annoying. I was glad when I was finally done with them and I could sleep in peace!

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