Doggies make me happy…

Today’s Saturday, and you (probably don’t) know what that means! It means that I get to go to PetSmart and volunteer. See, every Saturday a local rescue group comes to my local PetSmart with some of their animals, and I volunteer. I’ve been doing it since I was 11. It’s really fun, especially since I love dogs so much. Honestly, there’s something about a dog that really brightens your day. They’re so kind and gental and non-judgemental (most of the time). Right now we have several litters of puppies in- one litter is a lab/husky mix! They’re the cutest things. Last week they rolled in poop on the way to PetSmart… of course, I had the honor of cleaning some of ’em up. We took one that was completely covered into the back room and gave her a scrub-down. She was good through the whole thing, though.

We also have a Great Dane named Jewel. My word, she’s the sweetest thing (and she’s good on the leash- doesn’t even pull me!). We recently got her from the pound. She has a sad story, though- apparently her leg was broken when she was a puppy. Her mother did it accidentally, we think. However, her owners never bothered to have it fixed, so it grew wrong. It would’ve been easy to fix as a puppy, but they just didn’t care enough to do it. And get this- her owners turned her into the pound because they “got tired of looking at her that way”. What cold-hearted person would say that? It honestly makes me sick. Thank goodness she’s getting an operation to fix her leg this Thursday, thanks to donations to her fund.

Anyways, in other news, I went down to Barnes and Nobel after adoptions ended to read a bit, and I discovered something most amusing. It was some magazines for so-called witches, and one of the headlines on it read “HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM PSYCHIC VAMPIRES”. I kid you not. No, this was not one of those “National Enquirer”-type magazines- it was for real! I lol’d pretty darn hard at that one. Just thought I should let you know- maybe you’ll get a laugh out of it too.

-Cocoa 😀


7 Responses

  1. Kinda reminds me on something Xenophilious (however you spell it) would do. But, in any case, I’m one of those phychic vampires they talked about in the article who knows about being a phychic vampires as opposed to those phychic vampires who isn’t aware of it yet. So, I’m pretty well protected.

    Oh, and Tilly OWNS all your dogs. >:)

  2. Haha. Maybe you are. I always feel strange when I’m around you. I wonder…

    And my dogs could eat Tilly. BURN.

  3. Silly Brain, you’re supposed to be looking for articles called, “How to protect yourself from (not so) scary closet monsters!”

  4. Hmmm… that may come in handy. Because we all know Lucas secretly wants to eat us all. 🙂

  5. Yeah, the video game thing is a total cover up.

  6. Wow, that’s a nice volunteer work you’re doing Cocoa, I never heard of that children can do such a work here in Germany too. Sounds really amazing 😀

  7. It’s a bunch of fun. 🙂 Most girls spend their Saturdays with friends, but I honestly prefer the dogs.

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