Do YOU have a monster in your closet?

As some of you (or at least the people who know me in real life) know, I am currently working on a community show called Monster in the Closet. It’s aimed at kids, but it’s still a pretty cute show. For those of you who I know personally, we run for the last two weekends in February, with school shows! Come see it!

Anyways, I’m having a lot of fun with the show. My character, Brianna, aka  Brain, is the know-it-all who invents a monster tracker and takes way too many DNA samples. And she’s the biggest nerd you will ever meet. Kind of like me, only ten times smarter. For instance, here’s one of her lines…

“We currently have more obligatory responsibilities than the application of vegetable remedies for beautification and depilatory purposes!”

Yup, that’s Brain for ya.

I’ve been taking some pictures of the going-ons during rehearsals, and I decided it would be nice to post them on here! We haven’t moved into the theater, so the set is kind of nonexistant. So are the costumes. But, you do get to see the lovely actors! Of course, all the faces have been conviently blacked out… 🙂 Privacy reasons, you know? I do have the original pictures as well, so if you’re in one of them and don’t care if I post your face, just leave a comment and I’ll post the original instead. But until I get permission, I’m leaving everyone’s faces censored.

monster-edit-51Our lovely director, Mr. [censored]! Right now we’re getting notes.

monster-edit-41Murray the closet Monster apparently likes the dream queen’s leg.

monster-edit-31The dream queen making sure her assistant “puts that in her memoirs”. She’s quite an air-headed queen.

monster-edit-22Some of the little girls with all the muffins that were brought in that day. The good thing about Saturday morning rehearsals is that we get free food!

monster-edited1Somebody is not a happy camper!

monster-in-the-closet-006Me playing around with my friend’s prop nail file. Her character is a bit of a diva, so she gets all sorts of beauty supplies. I kind of look like I just smelled something really bad here.

I promise to keep you guys posted, especially when we move into the theater. Here’s to hoping we’ll be more believable than this guy:


12 Responses

  1. I’m standing to the not pictured left of Stephanie in every one of those! I wouldn’t worry about the faces, but that’s just me. They’ll be all over Facebook soon anyways.

  2. Haha, they will be all over facebook, won’t they? But people I don’t know in real life read the blog as well… I don’t want parents of the little ones getting angry at me, so I’m being safe. 🙂

  3. I’ve never gotten covering the eyes thing. You can still tell what they look like, but that’s just me. Where is the play going to be?

  4. At the VBC. 🙂

  5. Looks interesting 🙂

    Nice to see what you look like, makes it different.

    Well good luck with the play, 🙂


  6. i bet youll be much more believable than that guy.

  7. I sure hope so! If not, we’re in trouble…

  8. I’m also a wonderful important extra in *Get ready to question my coolness* High School Musical at the local Art School. I was bored, plus they cut my acting class and just mixed it in with High School Musical.

    Could be worse. (Camp Rock lol)

  9. Haha, don’t worry! I still think you’re cool. 😀 I’m not into HSM, but a lot of people are, and hey, it is a musical! So go for it. And break a leg!

  10. […] been updating as much as I should. Why, you ask, have I not been updating every day? Well, for one, Monsters is keeping me busy. And I have a science fair project due this Thursday. The fair isn’t this […]

  11. hehe that guy is so stupid what a gaybo

  12. Well, that’s a bit rude…

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