Cocoa’s interview

7:49pm Cocoa
Could you interview me? For my blog.

Just ask random questions.


7:50pm Jessica


7:50pm Cocoa



7:50pm Jessica

Like what?


7:51pm Cocoa

Just ask random questions.


7:52pm Cocoa

Is that ok?


7:52pm Jessica

I guess. I don’t really know what to ask.


7:52pm Cocoa

Basically anything. I am not picky. Anything your mind conjures up…


7:53pm Jessica

Like…..if you were captain of a sinking ship and there weren’t enough life boats, who would you save first?


7:54pm Cocoa

Yes. Like that.

And for the record, I would save my mother.

And my hamsters. 


7:54pm Jessica



7:54pm Cocoa

…Kidding about the hamsters. Kind of.


7:54pm Jessica

Okay…so, before you go to sleep at night, what are your last thoughts about?


7:55pm Cocoa

Whether or not I did my homework. And what time I have to get up in the morning. And wondering if I’m memorized my lines. 


7:57pm Jessica

What’s your favorite kind of duck?


7:57pm Cocoa

Uhhh… the white kind! With the orange bill! Ooh, and any kind of baby ducks. They’re so cute and fluffy.


7:58pm Jessica

What would you do if your mother killed one of the baby ducks?


7:58pm Cocoa

Well, that’s awfully morbid, Jessica.


7:58pm Jessica

Just answer.


7:58pm Cocoa

I would cry? And then slap my mom.

I love her, but she deserves it.


8:01pm Jessica

Let’s say you were holding the last remaining Skittle on earth. If you dropped it in a pile of garbage, would you dig it out to eat it?


8:01pm Cocoa

Depends… what’s in the garbage? And what flavor is the Skittle?


8:02pm Jessica

Red, and rancid meat.


8:02pm Cocoa

I’d eat it. Definitely. No questions asked.

Red and purple are my favorite flavors of skittles.


8:03pm Jessica



You’d die.


8:04pm Cocoa

Honestly, I don’t care.

Skittles are yummy.

Alright, now I do believe it’s time for the last question.

You must make it good! But no pressure. BUT MAKE IT GOOD.


8:04pm Jessica


How have my other ones been?


8:04pm Cocoa

Excellent, actually.

Just make this one better.



8:05pm Jessica


I’ve got it.

If someone overthrew the US government and then decreed that it was illegal to sing…

what color socks would you wear during the rebellion?


8:06pm Cocoa

Purple. Because purple is the most amazing color in the entire world.


Purple socks with white polka dots!


8:07pm Jessica

Ooh!!! I have some of thosey ou can borrow!


8:07pm Cocoa



8:07pm Jessica



8:07pm Cocoa

Ooh, I would love to borrow them!!

Do you have white socks with purple polka dots?


8:07pm Jessica

Um. No.


8:07pm Cocoa


Oh well.

You must bring the socks to drama next Monday!

Not this Monday. Tech week for Monsters. But next Monday.


Well, I do believe that concludes our interview. Thank you very much, Jessica. Do I have permission to use your name on the blog? First name, that is.


8:08pm Jessica

Yup yup!


8:09pm Cocoa

Yaaaay! Why thank you. This entry shall be posted shortly.


6 Responses

  1. lol.

  2. Was that not an amazing interview?

  3. It was the most amazing, least boring, awesomest possumest interview ever! It was also coolio shmoe!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. You have a gift, my friend.

  5. Why thank you! 😀

  6. Hmmm, Jessica’s more random than I give her credit for.

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