We actually got snow today!

It was pretty cool. Where I live, we never get snow- ever! It never really sticks to the ground. So today, at about 9 AM, I got up to go to the bathroom, planning on going back to sleep after (I like sleeping in :D). However, I noticed that there was a fresh blanket of snow on the ground! There wasn’t that much, but there was certainly more than we’d gotten in quite a while. I was still pretty tired, so I tried to go back to sleep. Eventually, though, the excitement got the best of me, so I threw on a coat and went outside with my brother. Getting so giddy about the snow made me feel like a little kid again. I really enjoyed it.

After a short snowball fight, my brother and I decided it would be fun to build a snowman. The last snowman I made turned out to be about 3 inches high… not very impressive. This one was a nice improvement- I’d say he clocked in at about 10 inches (maybe a little less, though). Despite my brother’s pleadings to name him Zachary, he was eventually dubbed Alfred. We propped him up on a bench and gave him berries for eyes and a stick for a nose.

Eventually the neighbors came outside with their kids. My brother decided to talk to them, and I walked off to explore our newly white backyard. I kind of felt bad walking on the snow- it was so nice and neat and untouched, but then I disturbed it. Even now my footprints are all over our yard. The snow will probably melt like that, as I highly doubt the sky will dump any more white on us today (although I wish it would).

Right now I’m sitting in my favorite chair with my laptop, drinking a nice warm cup of coffee. My clothes, which are sopping wet, are in the dirty clothes hamper. I wanted to wear those jeans backstage today- I guess I can’t now. Oh well. I should probably be writing my English paper (it’s supposed to be a persuasive letter- not really my thing), but, of course, I’m putting it off by writing about snow. Aren’t I mature? I’ll write some more later- as I said in my last post, today is the last show day so I’ll be updating this a lot more. Talk to you guys soon. 🙂

5 Responses

  1. It snows too much where I live. When it melts, we all run outside and play. Most of it melted. Now it smells like the Great Salt Lake outside *urrg*

  2. Haha, nice. XD I wish it would snow more here… it’s always so nice when it snows.

  3. It snowed a TON last year. I livin’ in Utah these days…

  4. Ack, I’d give anything to live somewhere out of the South. Anywhere!! It’s too warm here, and I hate all the stereotypes that come with being a “good ole southern girl”. Ew.

  5. It gets really cold in the winter so 40 degrees is perfect for us, and in summer it gets pretty hot.

    ‘Good ole southern girl’? That is ew.

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