Well, it’s pretty official now. I am definitely going back to school next year- probably at a local magnet school. Why a magnet school? For one, they have an awesome creative writing magnet. I can still do the theater and choir and dance and all that fun stuff as well, but I’ll get a lot of writing as well. I do like to write. I’ve never considered myself particularly be good at it, but it’s always been something that I’ve enjoyed. Also, the other school I’ve considered is HUGE- one of largest in the state, actually. I’ve been homeschooled since the 5th grade, so in my mind that’s kind of like throwing me out to a pack of wild wolves.

I’m more than ready to get out of the school I’m at now. Yes, I am homeschooled, but this place is my homeschooling cover and I take some classes there. Unfortunately it’s pretty clique-y . People are very nice, of course, but you always feel a bit left out because everyone’s talking about their boyfriends or the awesome night they had with their friends and basically pretending you’re invisible. They say hello, and that’s about it. It’s not much fun. I’ve never done anything with anyone outside of class, so for a while there I was pretty lonely. So, of course, I ended up trying TOO hard to make them like me. I tend to do that when I don’t feel like I fit in and I don’t even realize it.

Things are looking up now- knowing I’ll be doing my sophomore year of high school at a public school is a comforting thought. I can leave this whole homeschooling thing behind and start anew. I can make more friends- not casual aqquaintances (I have plenty of those), but real, true friends. Yes, I do have some right now, but I wouldn’t mind a couple more outside of theater. You know, friends I can actually see every day as opposed to twice a week or maybe once every three weeks. I’m getting pretty excited.

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  1. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll have fun!

  2. Hmm. I went to the other school you were considering coming from one of the K-8 magnet schools…not the artsy one. I knew about five people when I got there and was totally terrified! I wanted to go back to 8th grade so bad! It ended up being okay. I had some good times there and definitely some bad time there. There was an insane amount of homework and so not much time for fun. Just make sure you’re going back for the right reasons. High school friends are good, but the sad thing is that most of them will split with the wind at graduation and then it will mostly be keeping in touch on Facebook until the weddings start. I imagine the same thing will happen when I graduate college in the spring. All of my “friends” are going to grad schools across the country. Boo on them. I’m like you though, I try way to hard.

  3. That’s why I’m so wary of the big school. I had one friend whose older brother went there and had a breakdown soon after. o_o I don’t really want that.

    And friends is just one of the reasons I’m going back. Not only do I want somebody to hang out with, but I do want the normal “high school experience” as well. Teachers, homework, getitng up in the morning, football games, school plays, prom, so and and so forth. I get some of that through homeschooling, but not as much as I’d like. Also, I think going to a normal school would better prepare me for college.

  4. I don’t exactly know what the high school experience is like–I’m in 6th grade. So far it’s been super duper!

  5. Hi Cocoa watch out for fleas with that hedgie, he/she [like how do you sex a hedgehog] is a beauty, good luck with school and stuff esp friends, if you get one good’n everything else will fall into place-God is very mindful to find you a good friend.
    Your writing has come on a bunch and it was good to start with, once again good wishes. 🙂

  6. NOOOOO!!!! COCOA!!!!! COME TO MY SCHOOL!!!! Awww, I’m sure I sound whiny, but you should. 😦 Cliques are everywhere, and you already know like 10 people who go to my school. PLEEEASSEEEE…..

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