Sorry for the abscence!

Spring break was kind of hectic for me. We went to Memphis for a couple of days. The highlight would probably be the zoo- we got snot blown on us by a hippo and watched monkeys perform marital activities, but other than that it was fun! I’d say it was an interesting trip.

But get this- when we got home, we discovered my hedgehog had babies. I had absolutely no clue that she was pregnant! They’re still doing well- they’re 6 days old now, and they’re pretty much adorable. We found homes for all of them, and we plan to keep one! Too bad I can’t hold them (or Junie, the mommy) for a couple of weeks. I’ll get a picture eventually and post it on here. They’re pretty cute.

Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know I’m still alive. From now on I’ll update a bunch more (and write more interesting posts). I kinda fail as a blogger right now. XD Sorry!


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