Today’s adventures…

I saw my best friend Ariella today. We never get to see each other as much as I’d like, but I was glad I could spend time with her. She had just gotten out of a movie, so her sister, some of her friends, and I surprised her. We spent some time at a shopping center near the theater before walking to her house. We got to catch up on the walk home, which was nice.

Once we got to Ariella’s place, we decided to venture into the woods behind her house. Well, it’s sort of woods. More like a really big hill with this giant creek, all these waterfalls, and lots of rocks. Oh, and snakes, apparently. Thank God we didn’t see any!! It’s a lot of fun to run around in. We climbed up the mountain/hill/woods/whatever you want to call it, splashed around in the water, slipped (lots), and basically got really really muddy. When we first went out it was raining pretty hard, but it eventually stopped. I had a blast. Something about running barefoot through the untamed wilderness in a bathing suit and T-shirt is very liberating!

Once it starting getting dark, Ariella suggested we go try out the mudslide before going inside. Of course it wasn’t really a mudslide- it was really a concrete slope that water from the creek runs down. At the However, it’s completely covered in algae and is pretty slippery. Apparently Ariella (who’s a pretty fearless person, if you ask me) has done it many times with her sisters without any problems, so I decided to give it a go. Ariella decided to stay up, though. Apparently she’s “too fat” to do it any more, and she’d slide down too far. I highly doubt that. 😛 I went without any problems, but without Ariella with me I had no clue how to get up. Apparently you’re supposed to climb over the ledge and onto the grass, but the other girls and I decided it would be best to just try and climb back up and hold onto the side. Stupid, stupid idea!! I end up slipping and hitting my head on the concrete- hard. I kind of freaked out- I’d never hit my head quite that hard before. When I got up I thought I tasted blood in my mouth. I imagine that it was just algae, because I wasn’t bleeding. The first thing I thought of once I got up was Natasha Richardson. If she died from a bump to the head on the bunny slopes, couldn’t I get seriously hurt from a bump to the head on solid concrete?  I turned out to be fine, though. I had a headache for the next hour or so, but now I’m okay. Of course Ariella, who sustains injuries on a daily basis, wasn’t all that concerned. Once she realized I wasn’t bleeding and I wasn’t seeing stars, all she cared about was that I felt okay.

Aside from the bump to the head (which was quite painful, mind you!), I had a very good day. Seeing Ariella was great. Since we don’t have an algebra class together any more, I don’t see her as much. I don’t like that. I’m not the most confident person, but I always feel very comfortable around her. Hopefully we can do more together over the summer.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, we stopped by Barnes and Noble while at the shopping center and I bought myself a little notebook. I plan on using it to write my thoughts and ideas in. Kind of like a diary, but not really. Maybe someday I’ll do something with the stuff I write in it. Until then I’ll just enjoy it . Writing is kind of a therapy for me, so naturally I like having a notebook around. I used to keep one in my purse all the time until it started falling apart. Hopefully this one won’t do that. I’ve already written about three pages… if I write something interesting in it, I’ll make sure to post it on here.


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