My baby brother.

I got the idea to write a composition about my little brother today. I guess it’s because he recently turned 8, and I’ve had him on the brain for the past couple of days. This will go in my creative writing portfolio when I apply for the magnet school I’ve been talking about. I realize I’ve never written anything about my brother on the blog before, so I thought I might as well post it here. What do you guys think?

   I was only six when my little brother Noah was born. He wasn’t my little brother at the time, though. Technically he was my nephew. However, that would change in the next several years, although back then I had no idea.


   My half-sister Erin, who was 20 when she had Noah, was certainly anything but prepared to support a child. She’d been on drugs for nearly six years, didn’t have a decent job, and money was tight. My poor mother did what she could to help, but by this point there wasn’t much she could do. The money she sent obviously was not put to a good use. In fact, when Noah was about a year old, I remember stopping by Erin’s apartment to find all her belongings out on the street. She had been evicted.


    After a while Noah started coming over to our house and staying for a couple of days. Even though I was very young, I still knew something wasn’t right, and I would ask my mother if this was permanent. Mom would say no, and that he’d go home in a couple of days. She was right- after the weekend was over, Noah went home with Erin. However, soon after I remember being picked up from school and finding Noah in the backseat again. Over the time the visits became more and more frequent, and Noah started staying longer than he usually did. I wasn’t too happy about that- he was stealing my attention!


   I was relieved when Mom announced that we’d be leaving Noah with Erin for our upcoming trip to Disney World. Erin was doing better, and Mom felt comfortable leaving town for just a couple of days. However, things took a turn for the worse (again) when we came home to find Noah in foster care. Erin had left him overnight at the gym she worked at.


    Now Noah was staying with us for weeks at a time. Erin would visit sometimes, and every time she did she’d assure me that she’d be ready to take him back soon. That never happened, and eventually Mom and Dad took full custody of Noah. He was only 2.


    Being a little kid, I was pretty disappointed at first. The whole thing happened so suddenly- I had no idea I’d end up with a baby brother by the time it was done. Now I’m thankful to have Noah here with us. Even though we fight, I still care deeply about him. He has a very good heart, and (even though I never thought I’d say this) I’m proud to be his big sister.

    As for Erin, she’s in prison right now. I can’t even remember what she’s there for- she’s been incarcerated so many times that it doesn’t even matter to me anymore. I haven’t seen her for nearly two years since she moved to Michigan after we took Noah. Shortly after moving she had a daughter, Abby, who’s four now. I haven’t seen her for a while either, seeing that she’s in foster care. In fact, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see her again. It depends if the family she ends up with wants us to keep contact with her.


   It sickens me to think that Noah would be in the same position right now if he stayed with Erin. Noah’s a good boy, and he deserves much better than that. I didn’t want him at first, but now I couldn’t be happier that he’s my brother. In fact, I couldn’t imagine my life without him.


7 Responses

  1. now that is a really sad story. The question i am about to ask is because i am a tiny bit confused is it real or done creatively for your writing portfolio. I hope you don’t think i am being rude.

  2. Oh, that’s not rude at all! And yes, it’s completely true. Noah doesn’t know yet, but we plan on telling him over the summer. He’s old enough to understand.

  3. 😦 That’s so sad! Your little brother seems really sweet, better than my 9 year old little bro lol

  4. Haha. MOST of the time he’s sweet. Sometimes he’s just plain annoying. I still love him, though. 😀

  5. I didn’t know about Abby…. That’s so sad. Noah’s a darling; I’m glad your parents gave him this chance to know what it’s like to be unquestionably loved…

  6. Wow, this was an absolutely touching piece. Not just some “blog post”, no. Literally, a PIECE.
    I know that you’ve made it into your magnet school, and I seriously hope this helped. Because it’s beautiful. I can feel every emotion you mention, and it’s wonderful. Gahhhh.
    I know it isn’t any of my business, but how did teling him go?

  7. Forgot to follow up. 🙂

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