The hedgies are 10 days old now…

…And doing excellent! They’re the cutest things ever. 🙂 Here are some pictures, for your viewing enjoyment.


6 Responses

  1. Aw, so cute!!

  2. Why thank you! 😀 I’ll be posting more updates about them as we grow. We’re keeping one, but I don’t know which one yet.

  3. Aww, they’re so cute. 🙂
    (I’m katie2236 from ACC, by the way.)

  4. Teehee, I know. 😀

  5. Awww how lovely! 😀 Do two of them have darker ummm what is it called, spikes? xP lol

  6. Haha, yup! They’re all different colors. 🙂 Although most of them are white like mommy…

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