More hedgehog babies… 13 days old this time

100_3772See the one up top with its head turned? It’s self annointing for the first time. Hedgehogs self-annoint (spread foam on their quills) when they smell new smells. Aww!

100_3769One has its mouth open… 😀

100_3768Nursing babies… 😀

100_3745Mommy wondering what we’re lookin’ at…

100_3729Still nursing… 😛


2 Responses

  1. Hi, do you remember me? It’s been a while xD My old blog was Sister Tales and I’m now at DustyVinci.

    The hedgehogs are adorable! I’ve been wanting one for quite some time. My mum and I watch Miss Potter allot and that’s just making me want one more. Are they very high-maintenanced?


  2. How could I forget you, Laura? 😛 When I re-entered the blogging world I attempted to make contact with you through your old blog, but unfortunately it was kind of dead by that time. x_O I’m so glad to see you back!!

    Oh, definitely not. They’re actually very sanitary, don’t smell, and you only have to clean the cage (which doesn’t take long at all) once a week. Actually buying the supplies and the hedgehog itself can be costly, though. Once you have them, aside from the cleaning and such, the only thing you have to do that requires work is give them lots of attention so they’ll form a strong bond with you. Hedgehogs are known to become very attached to their owners, so spending a fair amount of time with them daily is the thing to do.

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