Productivity Killers

Since summer’s started, there’s a lot of productive things I could be doing. For instance, I could be writing here, or I could be running a mile on the treadmill. I always tell myself I’ll accomplish one of those things, but for one reason or another, I almost always get distracted. So what are the things that stunt my productivity? I’ll list them for your entertainment, but unless you really have NOTHING else to do, I reccomend avoiding them.

Aaah, Facebook. Whoever invented it really didn’t care about today’s obesity statistics. I can get on that website and stay on for hours at a time doing virtually nothing. Pathetic, eh? I don’t know what’s so engulfing about it, but then again, does anyone?

The Sims 2
Sadly enough, I’ve created my entire drama class on this, including myself. Okay, so I created myself twice, but that’s besides the point! And you know what’s even scarier than tha.t? I’m getting Sims 3 for my 15th birthday, which is a month away. Oh boy…

“The Nanny”
Anyone who’s talked to me within the past few months knows that I hopelessly obsessed with “The Nanny”. I’ve begun watching every single episode in order online (thank you, YouTube and Veoh)- usually several a night. Usually when I’m about to do something worthwhile, the theme song pops into my head and I end up watching an episode. As much as I love you, Fran Drescher, did you HAVE to make this show so darn addicting?

My hedgehogs
I love my little boogers, but playing with them can sure eat up hours of my time. But I guess spending time with my spiky critters isn’t a total time-waster… after all, it does help our bond, doesn’t it?

So, what’s the moral of this list anyways? Hmm… let’s see… oh, I know! I really, REALLY need a job…


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