Shopping= the root of all evil.

We’re going to the beach tomorrow (it’s an 8-hour car trip, but it’ll all be worth it) for my father’s annual cardiology metting. He’s the president of cardiology in our state, so we get to stay in a beautiful hotel for an entire weekend. It’s always nice. 🙂 So, of course, I was forced into finding some new clothes to wear to the beach today, which most girls would love, but I’m not most girls. Seriously, I hate shopping! It makes me frustrated and puts me in a terrible mood. However, I do love wearing new clothes. It’s always fun wearing something you really feel confident in. Why can’t they just magically appear in my closet?

It’s kind of the same way with books. I LOVE books, and I’m an avid reader. However, actually finding them really frustrates me, seeing that most every book in the teen section is about either vampires in love (which is really getting old), so-and-so’s hot summer fling with some shaggy-haired cutie, or rich and beautiful teen socialites. Sorry, but that doesn’t appeal to me. I enjoy creative books that make me think, question, imagine… books that inspire. Saying that, you can probably imagine that books with “clique”, “gossip”, or “hottie” in the title are major turn-offs.

So what about you? How do you feel about shopping? I know it’s soothing to some people, but for me it stresses me out even more. Maybe I’m just crazy. Anyone else agree?

Oh, and since I’m going to be gone for several days and I’m not sure if the hotel has internet, here’s a picture of me and my best friend after we attacked each other with eyeliner. It should amuse you for the next couple of days.

By the way, the scribbly-looking thing on my cheek is Ariella’s artistic interpretation of Fran Drescher (because she knows how much I love The Nanny). The “Bob” thing, third eye, and square smiley face are sort of inside jokes… I’ll spare you the time and not go into any more detail. Oh, and if you were wondering about my braces, they’re coming off in two months!! 😀


8 Responses

  1. Hello, dear. I found this link on your Facebook, and was really planning on leaving any responses to people who have met you… oh, I don’t know, more than three times.
    And then you had to go and mention BOOKS.
    First of all, let me say that I rather enjoy shopping. And not even always clothes shopping. Barnes and Noble is the worst (and greatest) thing ever. I managed to spend FIFTY DOLLARS in Barnes and Noble in the past week. And I could have spent at least fifty more, easily.
    That said, I completely understand your frustration with the “Teen” section. If I see another vampire romance novel, I’m gonna go ballistic. Really, very little in the teen section interests me AT ALL.
    My secret weapon: the classics section. The best books EVER can be found in the classics section. I highly suggest moving in to the classics section when you visit a book store again.
    P.S. Need a good read? Les Miserables is the best book ever. The Signet Edition is perfect for first timers, and surprisingly affordable (eight dollars isn’t bad for a 1,463 page book). I COMMAND YOU TO READ IT. It will save your brain from the rot that is Edward and Bella. And if you’ve already read it, (theatre people tend to be weird like that) read it again. That’s what I’m doing.
    P.P.S. I shall now fly away on my broomstick. Because we can’t all come and go by bubble.

  2. Hmm, I may just have to try Les Mis! Seeing that I’m completely in love with the musical, trying out the book that started it all would probably be a good idea. Next time I go back (which will be soon, considering how often I’m down there… it’s nice living by a Target complex) I’ll most certainly pick it up.

    And I’m loving the Wicked reference, by the way. Best. Line. Ever. 😀

  3. Make sure you get an unabridged version… like I said, the Signet Edition is great. It’s easy to spot: it has the musical logo plastered across the front. It’s better to read the whole book, cover to cover, every word. However, there are a few parts that I completely understand are nearly intolerably boring. If you start reading it and discover that you will NEVER get through some of the stuff in there (i.e., the fifty something pages about the life of the Bishop of Digne, or the fifty-eight pages on the Battle of Waterloo) drop me a line and I’ll give you the completely unpatented but totally awesome Leilani Hayes abridgment. I can cut out over 200 pages of stuff that doesn’t take away from the plot in any way.
    Last but not least, never trust a version of Les Miserables that is less than a thousand pages long. EVER.

  4. I can’t believe that you don’t like shopping! Out of everything i do shopping can never get boring especially is you have money to spend.

    And books, well at 16(turning 17) i am still an avid reader of teen books and sadly and embarrassingly i love the teen gossip, vampire and socialite books. But i would recommend more adult books like crime and thrillers which again i read almost all the time mainly because i like shows like numbers, csi and the mentalist.

    I understand the stress of finding a good book.!!

  5. It would be a lot less frustrating if I wasn’t worrying about splurging all the time. 😀 Oh, and if I wasn’t so incredibly picky about what I wear. I can spend an entire day shopping with an unlimited amount of money and only buy three or four items.

    And I do admit I did read the Twilight series when I was 13. I enjoyed them then, but as I got older I kind of lost interest. The fact that Edward and Bella’s relationship is SO farfetched was definitely a turn-off. And I love crime and thriller books! I read Two Little Girls In Blue when I was 12 and I was hooked. XD

  6. Haha, the sag on Ariella’s cheek is great. And Karen’s third eye is lovely too. I was rather dissapointed when my mom said she had no idea that there was a third eye. Ah well.

    I personally like shopping, but about two years ago, I, like you, thought shopping was the most horrible thing ever. I grew out of it though. But, wait a second, wasn’t it you who invited like 5 people to the mall that one time? Hmmmm…

    I dislike all those gossipy books as well. I read Twilight and thought it was great a year or so ago. Then, a few months ago, I went back and reread the series. Mmmmmmm…. not the biggest fan anymore. There was some famous author (was it Mark Twain?) who said that you should never use a long word where a small word is fit. I think Mrs. Meyer may need to consider that. Edward and Bella are lovely to read when you want an easy, juicy read. But as far as real literature goes, I don’t think so.

    You should try A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. It has a bit of mushy romance in it, but certaintly nothing unbearable. And I found the writing style to be terrific.

  7. Yeah, my mom couldn’t see it either! D: We were plagued with technical difficulties that night.

    And yes, it was me. I like shopping with friends, seeing that I’m not really shopping for clothes as much as I am goofing off and socializing with them.

    I totally agree about Twilight. I mean, it’s entertaining and the premise is okay, but the execution could’ve been much, much better. And as for A Great and Terrible Beauty, I definitely want to read that now. 😀

  8. I have to WANT to go shopping to enjoy it.
    Even when I’m in the mood for a mini shopping spree, I can only shop for a maximum of about 3 hours.
    I’ve never been a huge shopper.

    However, I can book shop forever! Seriously!
    I spend a lot of time in the teen section trying to find the good teen authors. They’re always hidden amongst the vampire romances and boring books about upper-class teenagers with “real problems.” I find it kind of sad that the good YA reading is so hard to find.
    Also, I never know if I can trust people’s book recommendations. If someone starts raving about a great book, I ask them, “Well, are you a serious reader?”
    If their answer is, “Yeah! I read all 4 of the Twilight books,”
    I probably won’t take that book too seriously.
    700+ pages does not a good book make.
    I’m actually reading East of Eden for school, but I’m one of the few people getting into it. I dunno.
    People also think I don’t take reading seriously because I “read books too slowly.” I dunno. I just really like to get into my books and I don’t just scan the pages. Oh well.
    I love books.

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