I don’t want to sleep…

…And I feel like wasting your time. So here’s a meme-type-thing so you can get to know me better, if you really want to do that. I usually don’t post these on here as I usually find reading other people’s answers rather boring, but at this point I really have nothing else to do and I just don’t want to go to bed. So… here we go.

1) Color: Purple! Always has been, probably always will be.
2) Food: steak, chocolate, raspberries
3) Musical Group: Eisley is my number one, but I also love Tegan and Sara and The Hush Sound.
4) Song Right Now: I’ve been listening to “Sweet Ones” by Sarah Slean nonstop for the past week or so.
5) Movie: Goodness, I really don’t know! I have a bunch. Let’s see if I can name them. Hmm… Benny and Joon, Rent, anything Pixar, The Princess Bride, the list goes on…
6) Sport: Does dancing count? If not, that’s okay. I have two left feet anyways.
7) Season: Winter. I can’t stand hot weather.
8 ) Day of the Week: Friday… big surprise there.
9)Ice Cream Flavor: Mint chocolate chip or strawberry.
10)Person: What kind of a question is that? I don’t have a FAVORITE person!

1) Current Mood: Tired, but not really sleepy…
2) Current Scent: Like perfume? I’m not really into perfume…
3)  Current Clothes: An old sleep shirt. I’m so stylin’.
4) Current Desktop: This.
5) Current Ringtone on Cell Phone: 1234 by Feist. Unfortunately the T-Mobile store doesn’t have any of the music that I really wanted, so I settled for Feist. I love her, but she wasn’t my first choice.
6)  Current Music: None at the moment.
7) Current Time: 2:08 AM. I need to be in bed.
8 )Current Surrounding: My room…
9)Current Event Happening Today: Well, I s’pose since it’s so late/early, you could say that I’m going to the beach today, although I’ll do a good bit of sleeping before we leave.

1) First Best Friend: A girl named Kendyl from 1st to 4th grade.
2) First Kiss: Outside of theater, I haven’t had my first kiss. 😛
3) First Screen Name: supergirl555198. It was for my Neopets account. I’m amazed that I can still remember that…
4) First Pet: hm. A hamster, maybe?
5) First Piercing: My ears.
6) First Crush: A guy named Zack in kindergarden. Awww. 🙂
7) First Music: My mother used to play me Three Dog Night nonstop as a little kid. I still love them to this day.
8 ) First Car: I’ll be 15 in a month! I don’t have a car!

1) Last Class: Algebra. Made an A (thank goodness)! 🙂
2) Last Drink: Water?
3) Last Trip: Uhh… does our lakehouse count?
4) Last Kiss: Probably in drama class. Like I said, I haven’t had my first  kiss.
5) Last Movie Seen at the Theater: Up! I LOVED it. So creative!
6) Last Phone Call: One of my best friends from my drama class. 🙂
7) Last CD Played: Combinations by Eisley. Remember the good friend from drama class I mentioned? She needs to give it back! You know who you are…

1) Have you ever dated one of your best guy friends? Never had a boyfriend. Well, except for that one time when I was 11… but that doesn’t really count.
2) Have you ever broken the law? Does jaywalking count?
3) Have you ever been arrested? No… thank goodness.
4) Have you ever skinny-dipped? Nopers.
5) Have you ever been on TV? I don’t think so.
6) Have you ever kissed someone you didn’t know? No!

1)  1 thing you’re wearing: An old sleep shirt.
2) 1 thing you’ve done today: Rode to and from my best friend’s house on the good ole bike. WHY does she have to live by so many hills?!
3) 1 thing you’re bothered by: the fact that I’m not sleeping right now (gosh, that was a horrible cop-out).
4) 1 thing you can’t live without: Books! I’d be bored to death. Oh, and I also love my computer.
5) 1 thing you do when you’re bored: Play Sims 2. 😉

1) Ireland
2) Greece
3) Maine (want to live up there)
4) Italy

1) My mother
2) Ariella
3) Rosalyn, the good friend from drama I referred to several questions ago

1) Black or White? White. 🙂
2) Hot or Cold? Cold, no question.



Now that this is done, I hope to get to sleep. Talk to you all later. 🙂

-Cocoa 😛

4 Responses


  2. Oh, most certainnly. 🙂 I personally prefer the play over the musical, but the movie version is still incredibly amazing.

  3. i have learnt a lot about you in this post . Thank you !!

    i may steal this idea !!

  4. Haha, no problem! And feel free to steal. 😉

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