Well, it’s over!

I woke up at 7 o’clock sharp this morning to take a walk on the beach. My parents weren’t home from their daily jog just yet and I couldn’t leave my brother in the condo alone, so I grabbed a book and some cranberry almond crunch and made myself at home on the deck. I didn’t crack open the book until about 15 minutes after I had gotten out there, though; I was too busy watching the dolphins! There were about three or four swimming around, and I had an excellent view from the balcony. It was pretty neat seeing their fins just brush the surface and then disappear back into the blue. I’ve seen dolphins at zoo and on the discovery channel, but it’s nothing like seeing them in real life. It’s pretty magical when you experience it.

My parents got home about thirty minutes later, so I dog-eared my book (I’m reading “The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore”- anyone else read it?) and headed down to the beach with a net and bucket for shell finding. There weren’t a lot of people down there yet with the exception of the hotel workers who were putting up umbrellas and beach chairs. There were also a few adults taking beachside strolls and a handful of boys with fishing poles. I think I was the only one actually in the water. I didn’t get past my knees, but I was hit by the waves and my shorts and T-shirt were soaked when I came back up. It was all worth it, though- the shells I found were gorgeous.


Excuse the crappy camera phone quality. 🙂 I plan on making the shells with the holes at the bottom into a necklace for my best friend. Shhh... she doesn't know yet!

Anyways, it’s 10 o’clock now, and we’re just about to leave. I’m going to miss the beach a lot. Oh well… we go to Seaside fall break. I only have to wait until then to jump back into the ocean!


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