I’ve been pretty busy this week, especially with my solo for the theater workshop. I’m singing “I’m the Greatest Star” from Funny Girl, but the problem is I’m still not quite sure on parts of the melody. I’d look it up online, but the version we’re doing is completely different than all the ones I can find on YouTube. Eeeek! I’m sure it’ll come together, though, seeing that I’ve worked very hard. Just pray that I won’t go blank or screw up like I did in rehearsal today. The people directing the workshop are very involved at the school I’m going to next year, so I really want to make a good impression. Maybe I’m trying a bit TOO hard.

But beside the workshop, my life has been rather boring. The only thing I’ve done with friends in the past three weeks is a sleepover with Allison and Jayna. We saw a local performance of Sweeney Todd (which was phenominal, by the way) and goofed off the rest of the night. Aaah, I love those girls. Allison is really the only person I ever text. Like, ever. She’s always fun to carry on conversations with. Oh, and also she’s the only person I can gush about “The Nanny” to as I seem to have gotten her obsessed with it as well. We’ll spam each other’s inboxes with random pictures and videos (most of mine are about The Nanny cast members and the show itself and hers are about Gary Cooper, old movies, or SpongeBob). It’s amazingly fun.

Other than that, I really don’t have much to say. As hectic as things are now, nothing particularly interesting has happened to me, and I’m really lacking inspiration. I’ve had ideas and characters for possible novels or short stories float through my head every now and then, but I never think of enough details to actually begin a project. It seems like I haven’t finished anything in the longest time. It’s really starting to frustrate. Maybe being in a creative writing magnet next year will get my artsy juices flowing. 😀 So, until I think of something a bit more worthwhile to write about, hopefully this brief update will suffice. But while you wait, enjoy this lovely (yet slightly disturbing) video of some middle-aged guy singing The Nanny theme song. Creepy, no? I have no idea why I’m posting this here. Is there really nothing else I can write about? I mean, seriously.


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