Cocoa’s Ultimate Summer Playlist

I’m writing this post for several reasons, the first being that I’m sure you guys are SO interested in my musical taste (notice the sarcasm in that sentence?). The second, of course, is that I really have nothing else to write about. Well, that’s not completely true. I have some topics rolling around in my brain, but since it’s 12:15 at night I really don’t want to write about anything too thought-provoking. So instead, here’s a handy list of some songs I’ve really been enjoying lately. If you have some extra iTunes money, why not check these out?

Honey Please by Heathers
Oh, the things you can do with two voices and an acoustic guitar. The harmonies in this song are amazing. Gives me goosebumps each time!

They All Surrounded Me by Eisley
Okay, so I have  TON of Eisley songs (they’re my favorite band, after all), but I bought this semi-recently, so I thought I’d put it on the list. It’s such a creative song- I love the irony in the lyrics.

Kaleidescope Machine by Katie Costello
The fact that this girl wrote the song and is still a teenager is mind-boggling. It’s an amazing song that never fails to cheer me up.

The Calculation by Regina Spektor
You should check out Regina’s entire new album, “Far”. Besides “The Calculation”, my favorites include “Human of the Year” and “Eet”. All in all, it’s really a great album.

Modern Nature by Sondre Lerch
I’ve recently really gotten into Sondre Lerch, and this song is absolutely adorable. I love how they use both male and female vocals. I discovered this song through the movie Dan in Real Life- apparently Sondre  composed most of the soundtrack. It’s especially cute for a movie soundtrack, so I suggest giving it a try!

All This Beauty by The Weepies
I’m a HUGE Weepies fan, so I guess it’s only natural that I love this song. The lyrics are so bright and descriptive.

Sweet Ones by Sarah Slean
I’m currently sounding this one out on the piano. It’s such a quirky song and kind of has a cabaret feel. I always sing along. XD

500 Miles (I’m Gonna Be) by The Proclaimers
Yet another song I discovered through a movie (the movie in question being Benny and Joon, one of my favorite movies in the entire world). It’s one of my all-time favorites!

Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne
Yes, I’m also pretty into older songs as well. This is probably thanks to my parents, of course. Anyways, I love the piano in this song! Upbeat piano tunes always make me especially happy.

Always A Bridesmaid by The Good Life
Hey look! Another upbeat piano tune! I’ve been meaning to work this out on the piano, but I’ve never really gotten around to it. Oh well… maybe eventually.

Frozen by Tegan and Sara
This is definitely one of their older songs, but it’s still great (like anything this band does). Definitely give it a look-see (but is that possible with music…?)!

Paper Bag by Fiona Apple
I love the bluesy feel to the song. No, scratch that. I love Fiona Apple in general (most of the time).

Comme des enfants by Coeur de pirate
Yes, the lack of capitolization was on purpose. 🙂 But anyways, I’m head over heels with this song, despite the fact that it’s in French (and I’m really bad at French). It’s kind of awkward when I try to sing along, but that doesn’t stop me!

Don’t Wake Me Up by The Hush Sound
This was the first Hush Sound song I ever heard, and to this day it remains my favorite. Unfortunately the band is taking a “break”, which makes for a very sad Cocoa. Oh, and Michael Jackson is dead! Music is dying…

It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me by Billy Joel
Billy Joel is one of my favorite artists, and “It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me” is probably my favorite song by him, even though the rest of my family is partial to “Vienna”. I love that song as well, but it doesn’t compare!

Expiration Date by Pomplamoose
Why is it that virtually nobody has heard of Pomplamoose ( They’re positively fabulous! Go look them up. Now.

Ievan Polkka by Loituma
Yes, this is the song featured in the leekspin video on YouTube. Yes, I have it on my iPod. It’s addictive… DON’T JUDGE ME!

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? by She and Him
I love Zooey Deschanel, and when I found out she had a band (with M. Ward, of all people!) I was quite happy. When I found out that I liked her music even more than her movies, I was ecstatic.

Handkerchiefs by Winterpills
It’s an incredibly sad song (it makes me teary!), but I love it nonetheless. It always helps me calm down.

Thinking, Drinking, Sinking, Feeling by Slow Club
Yes, this is the song on the Lays commercial! I love the ending when all the horns come in.


Wow, that was  really long, wasn’t it? I’m tempted to add more to the list, but I’m sure you all have much better things to do. So good night, America! I think I’m going to turn in. We’re shooting some scenes for drama tomorrow, and I want to look somewhat rested! 🙂



2 Responses

  1. I love the Proclaimers song, and the Fiona Apple one is good too. Your musical taste seems really unique, I’ll be sure to check ’em out.

  2. Haha, why thank you! Yes, my musical taste is, erm, odd. To say the least. XD It kind of freaks my friends out. But that’s okay! I like my music, and that’s all that matters.

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