Today was certainly interesting, and by interesting I mean painful and slightly horrific. First of all I had an orthodontist appointment straight from hell this morning. Not only did I find out that I have to wear them for 3 more months, but I was gifted with more rubber bands to wear. Now I can barely open my mouth. Hooray?

Second, we started filming for the summer project in my drama class. We’re doing something called “The Philip Spratt Show”, which is basically like a talk show spoof (think Letterman on steroids). The dialogue isn’t scripted, and we all have a bunch of crazy characters. My character? None other than Fran Drescher (yes, this was my idea)! Unfortunately everybody else in drama absolutely hates her, so they wrote it in that she eventually dies. It’s rather ironic that I’m completely obsessed with all things Fran and I’m the one spoofing her, don’t you think?

Anyways, in order to become Fran I must dress like her, right? So me and my good friend Karen went shopping for a costume yesterday, and found an incredibly short pink and black dress which we paired with a cardigan, black tights, and really high heels. Also, I made sure to tease up my hair and apply loads of makeup. Once I was done, guess what I looked like? A prostitute, that’s what. And no, it wasn’t just me! Everbody at drama made a comment about me belonging on a street corner at least once. Ha ha, guys.

The worst (yet by far the most hilarious) part of this ordeal was my trip to the gas station beside the drama studio. I hadn’t eaten dinner, so I ran over there with some friends to grab some junk food. On the short trip over there I got several honks and a wave from some creepy Mexican guy. Once we arrived at the gas station, there were a ton of teenage boys who gave me weird stares the entire time we were in there. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in their minds, but now I really don’t think I want to know…

This would be my Fran costume. You cant see in this picture, but its wicked short. I promise I dont usually dress like this!!

This is my Fran costume. You can't tell with this photo, but it's wicked short. I promise I don't usually dress like this!!


8 Responses

  1. Your in a drama class? That’s really cool!
    Braces aren’t fun, how long have you had them on?
    I don’t know if I can promise to not laugh, but I can promise at the least to not make suggestive comments!

  2. Yup, I sure am! I absolutely love my drama class. I’m quite the theater geek, to tell the truth. And I’ve had my braces since January of ’07, which in my book is WAY too long.

    And shortly after writing this I realized that asking you guys not to laugh wasn’t exactly a reasonable request since my Fran costume is pretty flipping hilarious. So fine, laugh away. 🙂

  3. Wow, I don’t even know what to say to this! But then, I’ve known you forever, so your permanently like, 10, in my mind. (Unfair, I know.) Hey, maybe FP would let you borrow a wig? We’re going to have to work on our Fezzi look sometime too.

  4. Haha, 10? XD I mean, I could live with 12 or 13 (sort of), but 10? Oh well… you are forgiven. Like you pointed out, you’ve known me forever!

    And that would be amazing if FP would let me borrow a wig. I’m sure my hair would be very happy. However, we’ve already started shooting and it’d be a bit weird if my hair suddenly changed between a “commercial break”. Oh well! I totally wish I had thought of that beforehand, though. I looked at Party City for wigs, but they didn’t have anything very Fran-ish.

  5. Haha they barely had any wigs cocoa. Although it was mighty fun taking random pictures there.

  6. I know. D: Which is why I wish I’d thought of asking Fantasy Playhouse. They have a ton of poufy wigs… trust me, I’ve worn them.

    And yes, random pictures are always very very fun. 😀 I’m definitely bringing my camera to Atlanta!

  7. Well….Fran does look a bit like a hooker….so it works.

  8. Haha! But she is an adorable hooker. 😀

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