You Know You’re Addicted To “The Nanny” If…

So I was in Hot Topic today looking for T-shirts (and in case you’re wondering, I did manage to find an incredibly amazing Mario shirt) when all of the sudden, “Killer Queen” began playing. Most people would just smile at the song choice and continue shopping, but I (being the crazy person I am) was immediately reminded of a tribute video I’d watched about C.C. Babcock of The Nanny (which you can see here, if you’re interested). So what did I do? I started laughing. In the middle of Hot Topic. For no apparent reason. Like a flipping MANIAC. But something good did come out of all this! The aforementioned incident inspired this blog post, in which I will describe certain ways to tell if you’re as addicted to the TV show The Nanny as I am. Sadly enough, I’ve experienced everything on this list.

1. You think your orthodontist looked just like Charles Shaughnessy in his younger years.
Because mine REALLY does! I saw a picture of him from the 90’s when he had a bit more hair, and I immediately thought of Charlie. Nobody else sees it but me, though. Sigh…

2. You’ve memorized the entire theme song and sing it frequently
I even have it on my iPod. *is an obsessive freak*

3. You do Fran Drescher impressions to break the ice at parties
That or sing the theme song. They both work surprisingly well, especially with fellow Nanny watchers.

4. You now use Yiddish words in daily conversations
Fran uses Yiddish a lot on the show, right? She’s Jewish, after all. I mean, that’s totally normal. But what’s not normal is a teenage girl with no Jewish connections whatsoever telling her mother to “genug”. Should I be concerned about this?

5. You blog about The Nanny
…Like I’m doing right now, because I am one pathetic shiksa. Oh crap! There I go with the Yiddish words again!

14 Responses

  1. I have no idea what the nanny is … don’t hate me. But this is hilarious! wow.

  2. YOU MUST GO GOOGLE IT. NOW. But if you don’t feel like it, it’s a TV show from the 90’s that I’m kindasorta obessed with. 😉

    And thank you! I try.

  3. I ❤ the nanny. I watch it at late night babysitting jobs, seriously comedy is no longer funny, they need to just bring back 90's shows.

  4. You’re one awesome dudette, Cocoa.
    I should do one of these for The Office. I freakin’ love that show.

    End of story. Seriously, it is the only TV show that’s currently in production that I’ll watch. No, scratch that. Besides The Nanny and the original Twilight Zone, it’s the ONLY TV show I’ll watch.

    And Madeiline, I totally agree. Comedy just isn’t the same anymore. But The Nanny… it shall forever be hilarious. Oh, Fran Drescher, how I love thee…

  6. The Nanny is totally amazing i love the cast and the show!

  7. Be my best friend? 😀

  8. OMG I ♥ THE NANNY!!!!!! ITS SAD, I have 4/5 of those conditions. HOWEVER!!!! I make up for them by knowing the names of each episode BY the themesong. I have olso watched the ENTIRE series on youtube TWICE!

  9. yeay this is awesome! i absolutly love the nanny! we bought a new tv and it has the digital channels, and on one of them (Go!) they have shows like the nanny, i dream of jeannie (which i own on dvd) the flintstones and bewitched! ahh i am in heavan. and ur totally right – humor is just not the same anymore 😐 i am obsessed with all the old tv shows that were on in the 80s and 90s. the dukes of hazzard are one of my faves as well as i dream of jeannie and the nanny 🙂

  10. ok ive got one: you realise that when you are thinking to yourself, you are actually talking in one of the characters voices. (yeah, i do that :P) then you start speaking yiddish as well…

  11. omg would you be my best friend?! i loove the nanny too. im currentley watching the series on youtube, for the second time. sometimes i find my self laughing by myself when something reminds me of the nanny. just as i was reading ur blog, that mentioned “Killer Queen”, it reminded me of the video that i just saw today! i write all the yiddish words down to learn them and to use them. im such a fan:D im always posting the nanny and fran stuff on my blog (itsamandaplease.tumblr/com). i love ALL of the characters but Sylvia is something else cracks me up every time she’s not eating.
    PS where did you find the theme song?! i have to have it pronto!

  12. O.K., but do you have people post lines from “The Nanny” to your FB page and you can immediately shoot back with the number and name of the episode. I’m so proud, but most people think I’m pathetic.

  13. Oh, I forgot, and I’ve almost completely watched the series 4 times now, some of the episodes even more than that.

  14. My natural voice sounds like Frans voice. I use Yiddish words a lot, like shiksa or I say I’m shwitzing 😀 . I can do her rap about Mr Sheffield as well 🙂

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