The posters watch me while I sleep!

Well, we’re actually in Atlanta, and it turns out the house we’re staying in has internet. That means I can sneak a post here and there. Anyways, the car ride up here was pretty fun. We watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which was better than expected even though there’s something rather hilarious about watching Angelina Jolie throw kitchen knives in a fancy restaurant.

At about 11 we got to the house and unpacked. See, Karen is house-sitting for her aunt so we’re not in a hotel. The house is absolutely gorgeous- there’s a pool in the backyard AND  hot tub. But the room we’re sleeping in? Well… I don’t think I can describe it. Maybe it would be better to show you with pictures.


That’s right, folks. I am living in a full-fledged Jonas Brothers shrine. It’s pretty disturbing. See that cardboard cutout? Well, none of us were really comfortable having him stare at us while we slept so we moved him out into the hallway. That didn’t exactly work as when I walked out, I forgot he was there and saw this big looming Jonas-like figure. Like any sane person would do, I started hyperventilating and poor Karen had to calm me down. We then decided to prop up the cutout at Karen’s aunt’s door (who hadn’t left for the beach yet). That way we couldn’t see it and she’d get a bit of a suprise in the morning. We stayed up all night waiting for her to come out and find it, but unfortunately we missed the big moment. Maybe next time! *evil laugh*

2 Responses

  1. Holy sssssnap crackle, and pop! It’s like Disney puked all over that room. (I know you wanted that imagery…)

    Oy. I’ve got a friend who has a cardboard Edward Cullen. In her defense she didn’t buy it. Turns out Edward is great fun at slumber parties: nothing like seeing your friend wake up to see an emo vampire looming over her… especially when she hates Twilight, and is convinced said emo vampire is out to get her.

  2. Haha, I know, right? It’s pretty horrifying…

    And yeah, that person’s sister actually had an Edward cutout. However, it gave her the willies (I don’t blame her- Edward is creeeepy!) so Mr. Sparklepants now lives in her closet. Yikes.

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