Me? Smart? Are you kidding?

Here lately I’ve been having a good amount of blonde moments. Why? I don’t know. I’m usually a pretty smart person… usually. But ever since I’ve been in Atlanta, I seem to have gotten a little bit stupider. For instance, Karen will place the Joe Jonas cutout outside of the bathroom in an attempt to scare me, and I fall for it EVERY SINGLE TIME. You’d think I would’ve realized by now that every time I finish showering there will be a giant Jonas staring out at me when I open the door, but that’s not the case. So, because I really have nothing better to write about, how about we re-count some of my blonde moments? Thrilling, right?

The oily bath
When I was about 11, my friend and I decided we wanted to open up a fake spa. We dug up some of her mother’s bath oils and decided to add them to hot bathwater. My friend put me in charge of adding the oils, but instead of putting in one drop like the instructions specified, I ended up adding half of each bottle we brought down. So after relaxing in the warm water for a little while, we suddenly noticed a strange burning sensation. We both jumped out of the water and looked in the mirror only to discover we were covered in horrible red blotches that felt a lot like sunburns. We tried to wash the oils off in the shower, but our attempts were futile. I don’t think my friend was very happy with me.

The awkward pose
During one show of Monster in the Closet, my pants kept slipping down onstage so the audience got a great little look at my pink underwear. That day the costumers were constantly telling me to bend down or undress so they could fix them. At the end of the show I was so used to hearing lean over that when my mother was trying to snap a picture of me and the director, I stuck my butt out in in his face when she told me to lean next to him. I think he was a bit surprised.

Baby on board… I think?
When I was 13, one of my friends posted “3 months with my baby” as her MySpace status. Being the ditz that I am, I misconstrued the post and assumed she meant that she was 3 months pregnant. This, of course, wasn’t good, seeing that I was actually older than her. I sent messages to all of my friends who knew her asking if she was expecting and even commented on the status itself asking what was going on. Of course I didn’t realize until several days later that she meant she had been with her boyfriend for 3 months.


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  1. Happens to all of us at some points 🙂

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