When I was a young’n…

Sometime last week my mother and I were discussing what TV shows I used to watch when I was little. She brought up KidSongs, these cutesy kids’ videos that I had completely forgotten about until then. I think the thing I remember most about it was these two creepy little critters called The Biggles. I swear, folks, they are the stuff nightmares are made of. You can see a video of the intro to Baby Animal Songs below… watchers beware, though! It may cause nausea, vomiting, or third degree burns to the eyes. I had so many of those KidSongs DVDs. Want to know something even funnier? They got me obsessed with the song “Achey Breaky Heart” for the longest time. To think that I was listening to Billy Ray Cyrus at the age of 4 is slightly atrocious.

So anyways, this post is dedicated to remembering all the things I used to love as a little kid. Maybe you guys will remember some of these things. If so, tell me about your experience with them in the comments, mmkay? First of all, is anyone familiar with the movie The Labyrinth? Truth be told, it’s still one of my favorites today. When I was little, though, I would watch it over and over and over. I swear, Jim Henson is a genius. That movie was pretty flipping awesome, no? Go rent it. Like, now.

I also loved a show called Eureka’s Castle, another one of those scary puppet shows. After I started watching it, I remember trying to work the phrase “eureka!!” into daily conversation whenever I could.

Madeline was another big one. In fact, I made my mother not only draw a Madeline scar on all my dolls, but also on myself. With permanent marker. I guess you could say I really, REALLY liked Madeline. In fact, I could still sing you the theme song if you asked me to. But the thing I remember most about that show was the gypsy episode, mainly because of the gypsy caravan song. Lucky for me, I found the episode on YouTube and took a major nostalgia trip. Here’s part 2- at the beginning you can hear the song I’m talking about. Skavakiay, skavakio, we’re on a gypsy caravan! 😀

I watched The Sound of Music over and over when I was little. In fact, I named every single one of my dolls Maria. I also made my own mother call me Maria for the longest time. But you want to know something really funny? The Nanny was actually based on this movie. Maybe that explains some things…

3 Responses

  1. We watched the Labrynth in Band this year! It is quite amazing!
    I remember Madison! Such a cute little french girl!

  2. You watched it in band? You have an awesome band class indeed. And Madeline is flipping adorable! I wish they still made kids’ shows like that…

  3. It is an amazing iPod, I am addicted to it • On the topic of stuff I watched when I was young I remember Barney. They were the days

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