Give me the stinkin’ permit already!

You know what I hate? No, it’s not writer’s block this time. It’s my confounded 88-page driver’s manual. I’ve been delaying taking the permit test because I REALLY don’t want to read that thing. But then I realized that it was a necessary evil, so now I am in the process of learning it. Hooray? So anyways, while poring over the thing in Barnes and Noble, I came across the section for traffic signs. My personal favorite was the cattle crossing one. But still, I think that the DMV missed a couple that would really make a driver’s live easier. So what did I do? I went home and created a couple traffic signs of my own…


Imagine this: you’re driving in the middle of nowhere and you really, really, REALLY have to pee. However, you accidentally pass the rest stop because you didn’t see it in time. It happens to the best of us, right? As silly as it sounds, I think there’s a need for this sign… at least in my mind.

donkeyThis one looks ridiculous, but let me tell you the story before you write me off as a loony. Last weekend Allison and my new friend Bree were driving to a cave several hours away when we noticed a field full of donkeys. We were cooing at their adorableness (we don’t see many donkeys where we live) when we spotted that two of them were doing something that, to be frank, wasn’t very adorable. As you can imagine, we were all horrified, especially Allison’s ultra-conservative parents. It would’ve been helpful if there was a sign warning us about the frisky donkeys because I’m sure Allison’s dad wasn’t very focused on the road when he saw that. Plus, it would help us all avert our eyes next time.

fran sign

Okay, I’ll admit it. I can’t think of a logical use for this sign. No wait, I’ve got it! A “Nanny” road sign would surely brighten any driver’s day, right? Well, at least it would brighten mine. Or maybe I’d just get so excited about seeing Fran that I’d crash into a tree. Probably the latter…


4 Responses

  1. Do you not have a Driver’s Ed class?
    I love the story about the Donkey!

  2. When I turned 15 it was too late to sign up, and I want to get my permit before the summer is over as I highly doubt I’ll have time when school starts. So, no. I’ve been left to figure out the driver’s handbook alone. Lovely, right?

    And thank you! It makes for a good story now, but trust me, it was a truly scarring experience. I will never look at donkeys the same way again.

  3. HOLY SHIT THIS IS HILARIOUS. I especially loved the first sign.
    Man, this is awesome.
    Why are my friends so talented and hilarious? I IZ SO LUCKY.
    Ahh, you’re so awesome. =]

  4. Aww, I feel special. 😀 Thank you very much!

    And you don’t really have to be talented to make the signs. If you have Gimp (a free graphics program that works just as well as Photoshop) they’re very easy to figure out. 🙂

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