This week has been an incredibly hard one, mainly because guilt is a very horrible feeling. It gnaws away at you until you just have to talk to someone or else you know you’ll explode. I’m not going to go into detail as I think it’s a bit too personal for the good old blog, but I will say that I may or may not have lost several of my closest friends partly thanks to my stupidity. People keep telling me that what happened is not all my fault, but that doesn’t help. I’ll get over it eventually, but right now I’m just rather upset. Yes, I realize that it sounds like typical high school drama, but actually goes a bit deeper than that. But, like I said, this blog isn’t the place for all that.

So now, thanks to all that, I now have writer’s block. Huzzah. So, instead of writing an actual post, how about I give you a video of the our baby hedgehogs instead? They were 5 weeks old when the video was filmed, and the pictures were taken at around 4 weeks. I miss those little boogers…

Ps. I removed the previous post (the cell phone one) because my I re-watched it and realized that my editing job is next to horrible. So… yeah. If you still want to watch it I haven’t removed it from my YouTube channel, but I’m warning you… it’s REALLY choppy. D:


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  1. AWWWWW!!!! I love hedgehogs. I’ve had two, the current one is named Flapjack. Did you know that all of the Mc Donald’s in Germany had to re-design their McFlurry lids because the wild hedgehogs like to crawl into the cups left on the ground to eat the ice cream but they would get stuck when they tried to back out and then die?!?! It was awful, but now McFlurries are hedgehog freindly!

  2. Teehee! They are adorable little boogers, eh? Oh, and they make great pets. I actually read that about the McFluffy thing- poor hedgies! They do like poking their heads into things… even when they’re not supposed to…

  3. Oh man, guilt. Guilt is one of those things I suffer from almost daily. I am so sad that you’re upset. Even though this was ages ago, I’m still so sorry. 😦 I hate it when people chalk friendship loss up to “high school drama”. They just don’t get it! (hahahaha, I realize that sounds reallllly whiny and HS drama-like. PWN)
    Hehe, I’ve seen that video! The beauty of being subscribed to my pal Cocoa!

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