Excerpts from the diary of teeny Cocoa…

 So a couple of days ago I managed to locate my old diary from the depths of my closet. I kept it back in elementary school (I think I was 9 or 10), so deciphering my little kid scrawl proved to be a formidable challenge. But I must admit that some of the stuff I wrote in there was pretty funny… can you believe it all came from me? I’d say my writing has improved by long shots. Since then I have learned that periods and commas are my friends. No, really. We’re tight now.

Today I went to average school and Dad ate lunch with me and I had acting class and we went to Books A Million and saw [old teacher] and ate at Surin’s.

I was apparently a very descriptive child who REALLY hated PE class.

Today was A+ until evil scientist PE Coach [insert name here] invented a monster called physical education torture!

Oh, and I was bad with names. Poor Mrs. Whatchamacallit…

But when I got home I went on a bike ride and played golf with Mrs. Whatchamacallit and Mom.

Also, I think I should note that I kept writing something about a boy named Henry and how I was madly in love with him. Then this came up…

Boys are nice. But I dropped Henry’s crush half-way. But it’s still on a bit. And I have a tad crush on a guy who works at Southerland’s. He’s got red hair and I think he’s French. And Sam is cute. I think he has a crush on me.

I should probably mention that the “Southerland’s guy” (whom I still have vivid memories of- I REALLY liked him) was in probably his 40’s and had an Abe Lincoln beard. Attractive stuff right there. And then the next week…

I like Sam and dropped Henry’s crush. I also like Nick a little.

Goodness gracious, I was boy crazy! It’s kind of hilarious because now I barely even notice guys, or at least not as much as most girls do. I’m just too busy, really. Oh, and I was apparently rather judgemental about my babysitters…

Today I stayed home with [old babysitter]. She isn’t too bad. But her pasta stinks.

Oh, and here’s some more on boys.

Sam… Sam… Sam… [insert hearts here]. Ben [my cousin] laughed at the thought of me loving him. But he does look cute [I REALLY hope I was talking about Sam there, not Ben…]. But I am afraid to admit it. [insert more hearts] Last year everyone found out and this year I got someone new.

You should also know that there was a lot in there about a girl in my class who copied my crossword puzzles. I was somehow convinced she was going to steal my best friend. I also wrote a lot about my various trips to psychologists (I had a weather fear). Also, almost every entry was completed with these scribbly drawings of things I’d mentioned that day. My favorite would be my interpretation of the “PE monster”… it was basically Pac-Man with fangs. I’ve begun to wonder if I was really as normal then as I thought I was…


3 Responses

  1. Haha, Sam Karabinos, Henry Crosby, and Nicholas Page?
    That’s cute haha.
    Funny funny.

    Hehe, these are so cute.
    LOL EVIL SCIENTIST PE COACH. That is amazing.
    Awwww, crushes! ❤
    "Boys are nice." That is just so very cute!
    Oooh, a weather fear! That seems very unfortunate.

  3. I swear, my PE teacher WAS EVIL! Myfriend and I got a sidestitch across the track so we stopped for a second, and when we got around he started yelling at us about how we stopped over there because we wanted to walk and he thought he couldn’t see us and stuff. It was sad. D:

    I was a very boy-crazy child. I kissed this one guy’s finger in 3rd grade because it had a “kiss me” sticker on it and nobody ever let me live it down.

    Yeah, the weather fear is not something I want to repeat. I used to refuse to go outside if it was even cloudy. Now, bizarrely enough, I LOVE rainy days and storms. Favorite weather ever. 😀

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