Holy Fran, Cocoa is street legal!

Guess what I did yesterday? No, really. Guess! If you don’t know, I s’pose I’ll tell you. I got my permit!! The test was actually very easy. For instance, they showed this sign and asked if it meant either a) yield sign ahead b) stop sign ahead or c) children at play. I wonder. But I still flipped when I found out I passed, regardless of the test’s overall easiness. I kind of looked like this:

cocoa is surprised

So anyways, when I got home that night my dad took me around the neighborhood. He told me that it would be a few months before I could get out on an actual road since I almost hit a few trash cans. Not so. I am typing this at my grandparents’ house, and they took me out in their car and, after exploring the neighborhood for an hour at a 25 MPH speed limit, allowed me to visit a main road. I actually did fairly well if you disregard the time that I nearly drove us into a pond. Thankfully I’ve gotten better at backing up since then. Also, I caused a minor traffic holdup at a stoplight. Horns were blasted, but I made it out and did much better the next time. But I eventually got the hang of it, and my grandfather could finally stopped yelling “YOU’RE GOING OFF THE ROAD!” into my ear every ten seconds.

But, after I got used to the feel of things, I was surprised at how natural driving was for me. Of course I was still just a little nervous, but not nearly as much as I thought I would be. As I had put it to my grandfather, I was nervous enough to be cautious but confident enough to drive comfortably. I wasn’t completely paranoid about hitting something (or someone) like I thought I would be, and I was doing 40 for the first time ever. It was actually a lot of fun. Now all I have to do is convince my dad to let me do that with him… he’s convinced that I will kill relentlessly if released on a main road. I still might, but judging by today’s experience the chance is lower than what we originally thought. However, the entire Southeast is still on alert until further notice.

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  1. Hehe, that sounds fun. I say you should learn to drive a manual transmission. You learn how to drive one of those, you can drive anything.


  2. haha awesome, I’m still learning but driving is so much fun!!!
    have fun

  3. A manual transmission? Oy vey… I don’t know if I wanna. XD That seems rather terrifying. I would probably crash.

    And yes, driving is immensely fun. I even drove on the freeway today… I felt so free! My dad nearly flipped when he found out. He doesn’t trust me behind the wheel as much as my amazingly awesome grandpa does.

  4. Manual? eek! I couldn’t do it.

    What state do you live in? what laws etc?

    My permit test was pretty easy. I live in Iowa and we can get them at 14, a limited licence (just a curfew) at 16, and a full one at 17. Pretty great actually.

    Good luck!

  5. I have sworn not to reveal my state on the blog, but I can tell you that I live in the Southeast. You are so lucky you can get your permit at 14! Here it’s 15 and you get your full curfew-free liscence at 18. 😛

  6. I love your new header!
    Stop tormenting me. I only have 9 hours down on the 30 hour class. Is a class required in your state? I don’t recall reading about one.

  7. Thank you very much, Marina! Took me forever how to do the color-on-gray thing in Gimp, but I think it was worth it. Plus, I’ve had my old header since February or March, most people couldn’t tell what it was, and I was getting very sick of it.

    Awww, poor Marina! *hug* Hopefully those hours will fly by. How long are your classes, and how many days a week? Hopefully they’ll fly by. No, a class is not required in our state (but I’m taking driver’s ed this year anyways- maybe I’ll get bonus points for my licence or something, but that’s just wishful thinking). All you have to do is look over the manual and take a test. Then voila! If you pass, you’ve got yourself a permit.

    Also, I think you guys should know that since writing this post I have driven on the freeway and around town as well. I haven’t had any wrecks yet either! I thought I’d be a much worse driver than this considering the fact that I caused a go-kart traffic jam once…

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  9. Thats great to know that you can get the drivers permit so easily. But in Florida first we need to take the drug and alcohol awareness course to get the eligibility for taking the driver permit test.

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