WARNING! Female postage ahead!

These past two days have been incredibly interesting. Unfortunately they did not involve driving as there was no time, but they made for a great closing to my summer nonetheless. Yesterday I went to a water park with the ever-amazing Ariella and today I visited our local botanical gardens with Allison and her friend Itamar (amazing name, right?). Just in case you’re interested, there was a reptile show while we were there and I got to hold snakes. We also named them all, and  I also especially enjoyed the water park because I’ve actually never been to one before which is strange because I love anything to do with water. Well, except for bathing suits, that is.

Bathing suits annoy me for several reasons, the first being that I hate the way I look when I’m wet. I have a seemingly unbreakable habit of  opening my eyes underwater (horrible, I know!) so my eyes turn a lovely shade of red and I resemble a dinosaur. Secondly, I feel horribly awkward in a bathing suit. No really, I do. I am usually a very modest dresser (not because I’m self-conscious about my body; I just don’t want to flaunt myself that way), so as you can imagine I stay away from bikinis at all cost. Maybe I should just wear something like this:


Err, or maybe not. Unfortuantely enough those are actual bathing suits (from wholesomeswimwear.com). Maybe sticking with a one-piece or tankini would be better.

But anyways (warning: female talk ahead), another reason I hate swimsuits is because of my smallish chest. Well, not smallish- I’m probably average sized in that department. But while we were at the water park, both Ariella and her 13-year-old sister Heidi got either a) checked out by a guy or b) had a guy ask them for their age/number. The only comment I got from a guy was some 12-year-old who told me I don’t look like I should be a sophomore. Instead I apparently look like an 8th grader. Thanks. And Ariella and Heidi weren’t running around in skimpy bikinis- in fact, Ariella sported a very modest one piece. I was in a tankini and none of those things happened to me at all that day. Of course it’s not like I want guys randomly lusting after me or anything, and I don’t want them looking at my chest either. But (if this makes sense at all) I certainly wouldn’t mind a little reassurance that I’m somewhat attractive. I’ve only been asked out once, but only by a platonic friend. Oh, and then once when I was 12. That’s it. But then every time I go somewhere with Ariella it seems like she gets chased by guys.

I’m usually very confident about my appearance and personality, but I also have my insecure days. The water park day was one of them. Like I said, I don’t want guys staring at me or anything, but I wouldn’t mind some slight flirting from someone above the age of 12. I don’t want a boyfriend like that, though- I prefer guys who think with their heads as opposed to their, well, you know. However, I do want to feel like I can keep up with my best friend (who is absolutely gorgeous, mind you). I like who I am and I also realize my appearance isn’t everything,  but I’m a teenage girl. I’m not going to deny the fact that I care about how I look. I certainly don’t obsess over it, but I do care.

So what are your insecurities, and how often are you noticed/approached by guys? Just post ’em in the comments, and until next time, peace, love, and Fran Drescher!

-Cocoa 😉


11 Responses

  1. 1) I love your new header.

    2) How do you feel about babysitting boy children?

    3) Girl, seriously, would SELL my child for your figure. Don’t obsess over it.. LIVE IT UP!!

  2. Thank you so much! 🙂 And I absolutely love to babysit, boy or girl. I’m pretty sure my number is on my facebook, so call me any time you need some help!

  3. yeah, that’s tough.
    On my 16th birthday at the acting camp I was at was told by a 12 and 13 year old that the 12 year old looks more like a 16 year old and I look more like a 12 year old. That was a great birthday present (sarcasm)
    I love tankinis, they’re God’s gift to self concious girls who want to wear 2 peice suits 😉
    I’m not approached by guys. Guys see me as my shell, not as who I am, well then again who I am might scare most guys away even more XD

  4. Aww, I’m sorry!! Kids at that age can be pretty mean. Did I mention the 12-year-old who made that comment also took my place in line and pretended to cry like a drama queen when I asked for it back? I didn’t let that comment get to me… it wasn’t worth it.

    I’m usually not self-conscious about my appearance or how guys see me, but being around people who are constantly approached by guys kind of makes me want to have that same affect on the menfolk. But I’m not that kind of sexy nor will I ever be, and I guess that can be a good thing. As Ariella has told me numerous times, guys will see me for who I am and not be looking at my boobs instead. XD

  5. Oooh, I hate my insecure days. Usually I’m pretty chill about it, but I’m a firm believer in the fact that your appearance helps your confidence. So I dress nice and do my hair so I can feel good, but god knows how many “bad hair days” I have -__-”

    I’m usually pretty okay about myself until I’m surrounded by my tall white (I know this shouldn’t matter but I am the odd one out in my group because of my asianness) friends. My height is an issue I’m trying to get over, and honestly I’m not that short, I’m pretty average, it’s just when I’m standing next to my friends it feels like I can just be trampled over (I have been trampled over actually…literally trampled over…)

    I’m kind of “one of the guys” and I have been described as such, and in the small community that is our 200 person school grades 6-12 it’s awkward to be approached by a male that is basically a brother. It doesn’t work out 😛
    Imagine a Harry/Ron/Hermione scenario except more guys and pre-Ron figures out Hermione’s a girl.

    On the swim suit note: I dislike one pieces. They’re uncomfortable to me, and I don’t wear tankini’s so that leaves the last option…well I suppose that leaves two options really, and one of them is being nude and I don’t exactly fancy that…

  6. ooh! Shiny pretty new header!

    Anyway, onto comment time.

    Hmm. I’ve always felt the exact same about myself until lately when I have random guys out of nowhere springing up. Quite frightening really. I’ve always been super short and really underweight for my age all my life (im a really fussy eater and have a really fast metab) but within the past year or so I’ve gained 6 inches and put on some regular poundage so I don’t get ‘is she anorexic’ looks. Thank gosh…but I’ve always been the best friend who everyone has overlooked. I mean, that has been my attitude since about a month ago. it still is. It’s odd to attract any sort of looks…or so says my cousin. She’s been pointing out every guy who ‘says’ something to his frined or ‘looks’ at me and acts as if he’s ‘checking me out’. Really. I don’t believe it.

    She just said it like every other guy…silly honestly. I’ve never had a bf, never have been kissed, or been let to hang out with my guy friends…parents! sigh. it’s really not that devistating, surprisingly. I’m just really confused right now. Lol. If that wasn’t apparent enough!

    On the swimsuit issue. I wore one pieces all the time and really didn’t have a choice (parents again!) until sophomore year PE where we had to swim. My mum didn’t want me to feel ‘left out’ I suppose so she bought me a tankini and a bikini. I mean, they take a while to feel comfortable in and it’s like another worry obsessing about how you look which I hate. I can’t find a one piece for a reasonable price anymore so I just do the two piece thing. I like them and the fact that I love the pattern helps, but it’s weird that everyone can see you basically in a bra and knickers. How come wearing those in public aren’t socially acceptable? XD

  7. HAHAHAHA!! Don’t worry no body has any idea of what they are on about at that age

  8. Glad everyone likes the header! 😀

    Ashley, I used to be a stick myself until a couple years ago. Then I got- gasp!- curves and am no longer twiggy. And I’ve never dated or kissed anyone either.

    Michelle, I myself am slightly short as well. Well, not that short, but shorter than most of my friends as they’re all freakishly tall. o_o

    As for the bathing suits, I think 1 pieces are very comfy and they don’t fly off when you jump in the water, which is always a plus. My parents have no problem with me in a bikini; I just choose not to wear them.

    Sir Almo, I agree. He was trying to act cool and failed miserably. No, scratch that. He failed when he stole my place in line and broke out the dramatics when I asked for it back. The 8th grade comment made it an epic fail. XD

  9. i have just got back today from my summer holiday to America no less. And i took with me my new swimsuit plus two bikini. Which did i wear all the time? the swimsuit of course and loads of people make the decision not to wear bikinis.

    on the issue of friends getting checked out you should meet a friend of mine. She looks about 25 not 17 and always always gets asked by guys (older and our age) for her number.

    🙂 and 12 year olds are stupid (we all were at that age)

  10. I’ve only worn one bikini before…And it was a kinda sports one, a bit like a tankini, which probably has its own name entirely.

    About the…eh-hem, being small-ish chested, I feel like I sort of have the opposite problem. It’s no joy ride either. I’d love to have your figure. xD

  11. trust me babe, being a “dude-magnet” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. i’m ridiculously small-chested, and super self-conscious about my body, yet i get more attention than i feel like i deserve from girls and guys alike. when you’re liked for your body, you simply transfer insecurities about your body to worries about your personality. in my previous relationship, i felt completely afraid that “he” only liked me for my looks, and i was afraid of showing my true personality to him. it’s a terrible thing. i say, keep being yourself! i think your figure is beautiful, and so is your personality =]

    as for bikinis. i just hate the way my tummy looks, so i stick with tankinis =] plus, i don’t want guys liking me for that reason anyways.

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