Aaah, my reptilian friends!

Remember when I mentioned that Allison and I attended a reptile show at our local botanical gardens? Well, blogosphere, guess what? I managed to get pictures! And let me tell you, I fell in LOVE with those snakes. I know that Marina wrote a post on her passion for those slithery little guys, but I didn’t understand their true loveableness until I actually got to hold some for the first time in several years. Trust me, it’s really fun. I don’t understand why they scare people- the domestic kind are completely harmless and incredibly cute. I especially love their tongues. ❤

A milk snake! I named it Fran. Fran liked to slither up my arm. Awww, Fran... I love you too. 😀

Fran and Allison were fast friends, but I'm still convinced Fran only liked her for her purse (which was snakeskin, if you didn't notice).

A lizard! We named him Erroll. He was a very nice little lizard and just sat in our hands without really doing anything.

We also got to hold this big boy. We named him Al Pacino and it took 3 of us to hold all of him.

 This is Wendell the turtle. He was peeing on me when Allison took the photo. Thanks, Wendell.

This is Wendell the turtle. He was peeing on me when Allison took the photo. Thanks, Wendell.

All in all I’d say that was a good day seeing that I have a newfound penchant for reptiles now. Anybody else (besides you, Marina!) like snakes? If not, why? Post your answer in the comments. 🙂



7 Responses

  1. I’m going to go backwards. Coz it’s more fun!
    I absolutely love snakes. Well, I love all animals. But snakes are so cute. All slithery and funny.
    You and your Fran. =]
    That turtle is totally awesome.

  2. I love snakes and reptiles. They are just so misunderstood. Cute really.

    My friends don’t understand. They are insanly terrified of them for reasons unbenoenst to me. Oh well. I better stick with you all.

    The turtle is adorable and Al Pacino is amazing 🙂


    Thanks. No, I’m slightly idiotic because I don’t want to like him. Whatever 🙂 hahahaha bloggggrooollllled. I like it 🙂

  3. oh. the joke I was going to tell you 🙂

    How can you tell if there’s an elephant under your bed?




    Your face is pressed against the ceiling!

    hahaha lame joke, I know 😀

  4. Did I tell you I’m getting 2 geckos since my mom isn’t hot on the snake thing? I’M SO EXCITED!


  5. Why yes, there are braces on my teeth! :0 I have two more months with ’em. I was SUPPOSED to get them off in May. Then it was July, then August. My orthodontists hate me. XD

    And I didn’t name Al Pacino, Allison did. She loves Al Pacino, Gary Cooper, Renaldo Lapuz, and so on. We once had a war about whether Robert DeNiro was more magical than Al Pacino while playing Apples To Apples and ended up calling, like, 10 people asking for their opinion. Al Pacino won. D:

    OH MY GOSH ASHLEY, I LOVE THAT JOKE!! XD That, my friend, is pretty epic. I am going to tell that to someone today… someone!!

    Marina, that’s awesome!! Do you have names picked out yet? Oh, and you absolutely must post pictures or do a video when you get them. What kind will they be? My brother has a leopard gecko and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

  6. Oooh reptiles, very cool 🙂
    I’m not a big fan of snakes…although I’ve held one before. I wish I could understand what they’re saying to me. Too bad I’m not a parselmouth…

  7. Ahh! i am so terrified of snakes. the lizards and the turtle are adorable, but i have some unexplained fear of legless creatures. when i was really little i wouldn’t go to the beach after i saw the little mermaid because i thought my feet would disappear. teehee… but i adore turtles and i’ve always loved lizards. no one else in my family will go near them, but i always play with the ones that sneak into our bathroom before letting them escape… ehem.. i mean, let them go…

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