Geometry makes me want to cry.

My new school is still awesome, but I’ve run into a bit of a problem. The problem in question? Honors geometry class. Let me get one thing straight for you- math is not my best subject, nor has it ever been. I’m a very creative-minded person, so therefore math is NOT my forte. When I come across a problem I’m not familiar with, my mind is wiped blank and I often let my emotions get the best of me. Sometimes there are tears involved. It’s always been like that, even when I was younger. However, for 8th and 9th grade we stumbled accross a home-school teacher who really made math easy for me. I’d say she was the best teacher I’ve ever had. But my new geometry teacher doesn’t do the best job of explaining, and I’m slightly terrified of him.

Anybody ever played sudoku? That’s what we did in class today as my teacher graded our notebooks. I have friends who are whizzes at sudoku, so naturally I figured I’d be able to catch on pretty quickly. Not so. When the rest of the class had finished both puzzles, I was stuck on the first column. And did I mention the assignment counts for a grade? I got so frustrated at myself for not having anything on my paper while a bunch of freshmen were turning in their papers. Why is it that I am in a class half-populated by freshman and they’re doing better than I am? My parents are constantly telling me I’m smart, but my mind is telling me the opposite when I’m in that class. I am going to get my first F on any assignment thanks to that horrible puzzle which I did not get whatsoever, and that upsets me. I’m very hardworking and I care about my grades a lot, and F’s don’t work for me.

So what makes you frustrated? Just answer in the comments. 🙂 Obviously math is not a boquet of roses for me or anything; in fact, I’d say it’s the one thing that can REALLY make me angry. When I’m facing a problem I have no clue how to work, I get very tense and upset. Ocassionally I feel like bashing things with an large baseball bat, preferably my geometry teacher’s head. As you can imagine, it’s not a fun feeling.

But other than than my mathematical dramas, my school is still really excellent. I’ve met a lot of really great people so far, and since I know some of them read the blog I’d like to thank them for making me feel so welcome. 🙂 It’s been fun, you guys! However, I am so glad it’s Friday. Sleeping in sounds REALLY nice right now, just so you know.

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  1. aww. i totally know the feeling. especially when you normally get everything done first, and then all of a sudden, you are just so lost you dont have a clue. THAT DEFINED MY SOPHOMORE YEAR AS A WHOLE. that really sucked.

    Ahh. Hey, you can definitely ask me for help or anything in geo or anything else on that matter. haha. I wish i had someone to go to for help for some of my APs. Gosh they’re female dogs XD I’m pretty decent in the math area, chemistry, on the other hand is my weak point.

    Urg, I hate when teachers do that. Silly puzzles. I love sudoku, I used to hate it, but now it’s soothing. Believe me, with that game, practice is key. There are online tutorials and stuff if you’re going to have another assignment like this.

    I don’t really know whether I’m more creative or logical…I mean I write and am good at all that stuff but the logic side is also there (forgetting chemistry and graphing in math, ICK!) i really dont like math though even though Im not terrible.

    g’luck mate!

  2. Oh, What are you talking about? Honors Geometry was my favorite subject last year! NOT! If you have ever gone back in time on my blog you will see that I hated with a passion my math teacher. The only C I got all year. Have fun with proofs! But maybe you’re teacher will explain them better than mine, and you won’t struggle with them all year.

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hates Honors Geometry! You wouldn’t believe how relieved I am to not have that teacher this year!

  3. YOU SURVIVED 😀 and it sounds like your doing really well too. I knew you could do it ^__^

    I have had huge issues in Geometry last year and there is no way in hell I can ever figure out those sudoku puzzles. Just a glance would freak me out.

    But I’ve never been good at math either 😛

    Something that makes me frustrated? My chemistry class last year. Hmm, I guess I should have said “made me frustrated” :\ anyway, let me tell you a quick story. I love science but the people in my class sucked so that means the class would suck. The teacher went way to fast and none of us knew what the hell we were doing, to top it all off the kids decided it would be fun to screw with the teacher since we had no idea what we were doing. I ended up teaching myself from the textbook we never actually used. It was horrible, but hey my grades and standardized test scores were top notch in that class 😛

    And I think all geometry teachers are meant to suck. Mine was boring and completely useless. Think of it as a right of passage! We all went through it and now you do too! Maybe you’ll learn something.

    Haha – get it? Learn something…you know in a math class…

  4. “Let me get one thing straight for you- math is not my best subject, nor has it ever been. I’m a very creative-minded person, so therefore math is NOT my forte.”

    Well maths may not be your forte but it is still a creative thing.You should know about srinivasa ramanujan, to know how creative it is.

    Good job I`ve been following your blog for a month.
    You are pretty good at writing.

  5. Michelle, I’m doing okay at chemistry, but the group I’m normally stuck with decides to cheat off other people’s assignments and I’m left to do it all by myself, which really isn’t fun. Your chemistry class sounds way worse, though- I’m so sorry THAT’S over!

    Marina, I’ve heard so much about proofs from my friends. Not looking forward to them whatsoever. >.<

    Ashley, thank you so much for the offer! It's nice to know someone else knows what I'm going through right now. I'm sorry about your AP classes… teenagers can be pretty annoying and cruel.

    Jagan, thank you very much! Glad to know you like it. 🙂 And I guess it all depends on how you look at it- personally I believe, as a whole, math is more logical than it is creativy, but I guess it does have some creative aspects.

  6. i can relate. in algebra two last week we had this stupid line of best fit project, and i didn’t get it at all! see, i like rules that are simple, step by step, and easy to follow. so when i get this paper that doesn’t explain the project at all, and half of the stuff we have to come up with on our own… i just blank. as sad as it is, i actually sat there and cried about it. i hate math. loathe it, really, so when it’s easy for everyone else and i don’t get it at all… it’s hard. The only class i do really good in is english. mostly because it’s about describing things well, and i do that really well. i like when things go in detail. like, if someone gives me a blank piece of paper and tells me to list something, without explaining it, i can’t do that. but, like for bellwork last thursday we had to describe a disgusting room. and i loved that. it was fun. but math… i hate it. and i still fail to see what relevance equations and slopes and y-intercepts have to do with real life. i want to be a writer; since when do writers need to know how to find the line of best fit? and i’m not even in a smart math class. all my friends are in, like ap precalculus, and shit, while i’m over here, still struggling with my pathetic Algebra 2. it’s sad, really.

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