Harry Potter meets Tom Sawyer? What?

It’s common knowledge that I am a Harry Potter nerd. I mean, I am so passionate about Harry Potter that my love for it is only exceeded by my love for The Nanny. That should say something. But recently my 8-year-old brother has  gotten into the series as well… and when I say “into” I mean “obsessed with”. He’s ALMOST as obsessed with Harry Potter right now as I am with The Nanny… almost. We’re all praying it’s just a phase. Why? Well, let me tell you.

Yesterday he printed off every known spell and put them all in a special binder which he now refers to as his spell book. He’s invented his own Harry Potter games, which he described to me in detail. In one he pretends to be a bounty hunter (yes, he also likes Star Wars) who has special wizarding powers and can shoot fire and ice out of his palms. This certain bounty hunter is the “grand wizarding master” and knows every spell in the world. In the other he’s just plain old Harry Potter, and he uses a stick from the backyard as his wand.  Also, he’s completely blown his birthday money on Harry Potter Legos from eBay. To top it all off, he’s watched every single movie at least once and is reading the first book with my parents.

There’s one little problem, though. My poor brother has absolutely no comprehension of the plots. For instance, he’s spent the past week trying to figure out why the sixth book/movie is called The Half Blood Prince. I’ve tried explaining to him countless times, but he still doesn’t get it. What do you expect? The kid’s just 8, so I forgive him. But tonight he was overcome with this mad desire to understand every single plot element of every single book and bombarded me with questions about them. He’s also decided that, in order to prove that I am a Harry Potter fan, he must throw a couple (incredibly obvious) trivia questions in the mix to see if I can answer them. My mother finally intervened and told him to leave me alone about it, but I have a feeling I’ll wake up to a bunch more questions in the morning.

On the bright side, it’s pretty hilarious when he tries to engage in an intelligent Harry Potter discussion with me. Take last Wednesday, for example. We were talking about Harry Potter and he told me matter-of fact that, and I quote, “Tom Sawyer broke Harry’s wand when they were in the chamber of secrets”. What he didn’t know is that a) Harry’s wand was not broken, and, most importantly, b) Tom Sawyer isn’t a wizard. Tom Sawyer is a 12-year-old hick from Mississippi and with an entirely different book. I think he was referring to Tom Riddle and just got confused… or at least I hope.

My brother's interpretation of Harry Potter. Uh, yeah.

My brother's interpretation of Harry Potter. Uh, yeah.

I guess all we can do is wait until my brother forgets about Harry Potter and moves on to something else. I have a feeling it won’t take long. A few months ago he was dead set on collecting every single Pokemon card in existance, and ended up with about 250 of them. Nobody has any idea where they are now. Last month it was Star Wars. He watched all of the movies and played with his LightSabers nonstop. Now his newest obsession is Harry Potter, but Selena Gomez comes in a close second. Once he let Ariella and I give him a full face makeover in exchange for a Selena Gomez poster. Let’s just pray that his next phase isn’t Hannah Montana… with all due respect to Miley, I might hang myself. So do you guys have any siblings? How old are they, and do they have any crazy obsessions?


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  1. It took me a total of an hour and 20 minutes to read this post thanks to numerous distractions! Thanks distracters! Gar!
    It could be worse than mistaking Tom Riddle with Tom Sawyer. Well maybe not, Voldemort is quite different from Tom Sawyer. But then again i don’t know the difference between huck finn and tom sawyer. is that bad? hopefully that will change when I read the books sometime in the next 3 years.

    I only have 2 half sisters, and they are both over 25.

    I have however babysat 2 boys for the past 3 years and they are like brothers to me. Does that count?

    The one goes through stages where he obsesses over movies. But half the time it’s more than one, and they over lap. He will sit there and talk total nonsense for 3 minutes, and you won’t figure out untill a key line that he was just quoting word for word a movie. Right now it’s sandlot. He really likes the “Great Bambino” conversation.

    He also will ask a million “do you remember” questions. And he reanacts the scenes. He likes to reanact the big dog scene where they climb over the fence.

  2. That is so adorable! I don’t really know what to say 😛
    My only question is: How does he even know of the name “Tom Sawyer”?

    I don’t have any siblings, but I have little cousins. One who is 2 (almost 3) and the other who is 1 (almost 2) I’ve taught the both of them who Harry is and have gone over the names of some of the characters a million times. One day Brian (the older one) completely surprised me by pointing to a picture of Bonnie Wright and said “Ginny” without my direction. Now he can recognize both Harry and Ginny

  3. one brother. 14 and obsessed with basketball.

    love the new blog header 🙂

  4. Marina, that’s adorable! And sure, it counts. 😀 I love to babysit for kids like that. When the little girl I babysit for was 5-6 she went through a High School Musical phase. She would make us play High School Musical together and she would try to do all the dances and sing the songs, except she’d always get the lyrics horribly wrong. It was adorable.

    Michelle, I have no clue where he’s heard the name Tom Sawyer. I know that there was a Fairly Oddparents episode where he escapes from a book, though. I that’s where he got it. And your siblings sound adorable!! Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious about Ginny. I wish my brother was still that age… I love babies.

    Caitlin, you just described my cousin. He’s obsessed with basketball as well. 🙂 And thank you!!

  5. that is SO funny!!!! i have two sisters, one who is old enough to read herself, (not that she does.) so i thankfully don’t have to stop and explain everything to her. i do have to explain things from movies to her though. she didn’t even know what twilight was about!!! that’s what she gets for watching movies that were books without reading the book first, though. she hates reading. my other sister, however, can’t read, and repeatedly forces me to read her skunk book to her. she also is obsessed with transformers, and insists that our truck is really ‘octimus prime’. that’s how she says it. other times it’s ‘ironide’, instead of ironhide. it’s the funniest thing, when we go to see the second one at the movies. it’ll be our aunt, me, my eight year old cousin, and my sisters, in a theater full of horny boys who only came to the movie because megan fox runs in slow motion. *rolls eyes* boys are SO easy. and then we’re constantly being shushed, because we think the robots are cute. well, everyone ‘cept for me really. i have a shamefully huge thing for shia lebouf. even back when he had all that amazingly fluffy hair.

  6. […] today I decided to interview my little brother as a follow-up to the Harry Potter post about him. As you will be able to tell, he’s a pretty interesting kid who REALLY likes to […]

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