Brother/sister interviews

Disregard the last post. If I finish my homework in time, I think I will be able to post at least three times during the week. Certainly not every day, but I’m not limiting myself to the weekend. However, if I disappear for a few days, you’ll know why!

So today I decided to interview my little brother as a follow-up to the Harry Potter post about him. As you will be able to tell, he’s a pretty interesting kid who REALLY likes to talk. He complained when I said we were done! Personally I think he just likes getting any attention whatsoever. Anyways, on to the interview!

C: Who are you?
N: I am Noah [last name censored] and I am the person you are interviewing.
C: How old are you?
N: *sing-song voice* I… am… eight… years… OLD!
C: Tell me about your school.
N: It’s boring. Terribly boring.
C: Why?
N: *looks at me like I have three heads* Because it’s school!
C: Would you like to tell the world about your Harry Potter obsession?
N: Okay, but after I do you need to tell them about your Fran obsession. But it has wizards, werewolves, all these types of magical creatures.
C: An interesting fact about you?
N: What?
C: Just a fact about you. Anything.
C: Why are you awesome?
N: Because I’m awesome.
C: Is there no limitation to your awesomeness?
N: No. I’m just born that way.
C: Do you think Fran is pretty?
N: Why would you say that on the internet?! What is wrong with you?!
C: What about Selena Gomez?
N: ERASE THAT LINE RIGHT NOW!! [he is madly in love with Selena Gomez]
C: Do you find hedgehogs cute?
N: I guess. Why would you ask me that? That was a really random question.
C: Want to interview me now?

And now, for added fun, my ever-loving brother interviews me! 😀

N: Cocoa, how ugly do you think you are?
C: I think that I am amazingly gorgeous, at least compared to you.
N: What?
C: That was an insult.
N: Isn’t that the truth… NOT! What’s your favorite TV show?
C: I think my readers already know this one. I talk about Fran enough.
N: Do you wish you were The Nanny?
C: Um. No comment.
N: Do you actually think you’re strong?
C: I’ve been lifting weights. I can almost do a push-up! Look at my guns. *flexes muscle*
N: Do you have pimples?
C: Um. Again, no comment.
N: Okay then… what color is your underwear?
C: Want to see it? *evil smirk*
N: NO! Are you a big nerd?
C: Absolutely!
N: Finally, you said something right!


6 Responses

  1. The end of Noah’s interview was amazing!

    That was really cute!

  2. Aww, thank you! Noah can be quite cute when his mouth is shut. XD

  3. LOL! Oh wow, that’s adorable 🙂

  4. Hi, Cocoa. I’m so sorry I didn’t comment on the last few posts, but if you read my blog then you’ll know that I was going through a rough time and I wasn’t really up to reading blog posts or anything but I’m sorry.
    Here I am, though, commenting and reading on this one!
    How old is this bro of yours? WOW it just said it.

    This is my favorite part:
    C: Is there no limitation to your awesomeness?
    N: No. I’m just born that way.
    and this:
    N: Cocoa, how ugly do you think you are?
    and this:
    N: Okay then… what color is your underwear?
    C: Want to see it? *evil smirk*

    You guys are deliriously cute. ❤

  5. Haha, why thank you! 😀 We make a very ador(k)able team. 😉 I’m SO glad you’re back!

  6. That was interestingly funny~
    I must say, though, your little brother asks some strange questions. o.O
    I’m sure he’s an adorable little nutcase, though. It also seems that you are a very unique individual. :3
    [Yes, I mean that in an entirely good way.]

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