Webcam fun and hedgehog pawprints.

I got a webcam today, mainly because I’ve decided I want to try out Skype and maybe even make some YouTube videos. Oh, and record videos for my Facebook friends. The actual camera was 30 dollars- not too bad, considering that the ones I found online were around 100 bucks. I was so excited to get it and come home and make magic with it, but when I set it up something strange happened. BAM! I lost all of my inspiration. Every bit of it. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with the thing. I didn’t feel like making a video. So what did I do? Well, in true Marissa style, I took a series of photos with random things laying around the house just to test it the thing out. So what were the results of this test, you ask? I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Picture 11Picture 12Picture 8Picture 10
Personally I was quite pleased with test results. I think webcamming is going to be a lovely little adventure, and you, my dear readers, will be seeing a lot more videos on the blog.

Anyways, in other news, I imagine you noticed the picture of Finnegan the hedgehog. Taking that picture with him made me realize that I need to post more about my hoggies… after all, the top searches people use to find my blog all have something to do with hedgehogs. Might as well give the people what they want, eh? It’s completely off-topic, but here’s a quick update about my babies!

I gave Junie a footbath yesterday because her paws were getting especially dirty. She didn’t like it very much, and kept trying to crawl in my hands or up my leg. However, her paws are no longer nasty, so I’d say it was worth it. As an added bonus, I noticed there were lots of little hedgie footprints all over the bottom of my tub. Finnegan, on the other hand, is the same as always. He’s just a big lump, and we’re actually trying to get him to lose weight. It’s kind of funny… I have an obese hedgehog. Not a lot of people can say that, now can they?

Anyways, I’m gonna crawl into bed now. Unfortunately the weekend has ended and I must wake up tomorrow for another day of public education. See you guys later! 😀


8 Responses

  1. YAY! Now we can all skype it up together 🙂

    or tokbox. whichever works
    i love those pics, they are adorable!

  2. DUDE! Cute pictures 😀

    I love your hedgehog, tis adorable.

    We should have an epic skype party sometime 🙂 it would be lovely.

  3. SORRY I have been failing at reading and commenting I’ve been so busy blahblahblahSHUTUP.
    YES YOU GOT YOUR WEBCAM! I have been so excited for this like all week.
    Those pictures were absolutely awesome. I love Finnegan and Junie. 😀
    Also, your shirt? EPIC PWNAGE.
    I hope you have a wonderful week at school, and email me if you need someone to talk to! ❤

    I love webcams!
    You should blogtv sometime!

  5. Because we all know how much Marina loves blogtv. 😛

  6. completely adorable hedgehog!!! you aren’t too… attached to them, are you? wouldn’t be willing to say… give me one? pretty please? *does ‘google eyes (that’s what my sister calls them)* i’ll even trade you my super amazing devil kitty! i has pictures on blog, since my long lost camera appeared out of nowhere. (or from under my bed…) lol… but seriously, congrats on the webcam. my mom would never let me have one. she thinks that
    A- i’ll lose it, which, i must admit, isn’t a completely pointless fear and
    B- i will somehow get the idea to make porn with it. yeah. good parenting point for mom.

  7. Okay, I need of your Skype addresses. I only have Michelle and Marissa at the moment. :0

    As for the pictures, thank you! The hedgehog stuffy I’ve had for ages, and I won the inchworm (named Fran, nonetheless) as a consolation prize at Six Flags. XD And then the mug I’m sipping from is my Nanny mug. Epic dorkiness right there.

    NO! My hedgies… mine. :[ *snarls*

  8. Thirty dollars? Although, in my cheap-skate mind that seems expensive, compared to the prices online, wow! People these days just don’t know when profit making gets ridiculous. =.=
    Oh noes, inspiration loss! Never fun at all. >.3 Thinking about hedgehogs makes me want to go out and hug cute little critters! 8D

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