Lockout? Not fun.

And now, for today’s entry, I present you with a note written early this morning using only pencil, paper, and my own undying agony. Enjoy.

Guess where I am right now? No, not Candyland. Not Oz either (but you have no idea how much I wish I was in either one of those places). Actually, I’m in lockout, writing this in a spiral notebook. If you don’t know what lockout is, it’s basically detention during school jours. You’re late for any class, you go to lockout. In my case Mom was late dropping off my brother at school and we just had to get stuck behind possibly the longest train known to man. Mom told me to just go in and get a tardy slip and there was nothing she could do. Well, imagine my surprise when the lady at the office told me that without a parent’s signature, going to class was not an option. Yes, even if you’re just 4 minutes late. That did not make me happy seeing that I am a good student who is never late, much less completely absent.

So off I went, straight to lockout, cursing all the way. When I arrived, I discovered that lockout is a large, dungeon-like room. The walls are a bizarre shade of blue, but a lot of the paint chipped off long ago. They keep it especially cool in here as well, probably to increase the feeling of doom and despair. Worse yet, when I came in the “warden” was playing an opera CD that made me feel like I was going into Tribal Council. It’s switched tracks since then (right now we’re listening to a lively chorus with a lot of percussion), but the effect is still there.

It’s only 8:30 now. The CD has switched tracks to a very dramatic little number featuring either a woman with an abnormally deep voice or a very gay man. Kill me now.


11 Responses

  1. aww That doesn’t sound fun at all!
    It almost sounds like a scene from a movie!

  2. Haha, I know! It kind of sounds like something out of a John Hughes movie. XD

  3. D: bad luck, but hey, at least now you can say you’ve been there.


    Did you tell your mother this story?

  4. Haha, yeah. She was kind of mad at the school for locking me out even though I was just, like, 3 minutes late. >.< And she felt bad and promised to walk me in next time something like this happens. But she did laugh at the opera part. XD

  5. hahahaha yea school is sometimes really stupid like that. at least it doesn’t go on your permanent record or anything like that right? if it does my mom would hav a huge BF (bit** fit). There’s a teacher who plays those songs from my school, and he is soo creepy and his classroom always smelled like dirty hamster, coffee and BO. He seemed to never brush his teeth and he spit a lot, so if you wanted to talk one on one with him you had to hold your breath. not good

  6. Hey! I haven’t commented here in a while…

    I feel sorry for you! Though as much as it doesn’t sound fun, it seems so movie-like and cliche that it made fabulous blogging material! xD

    – Naomi

  7. Nicely written blog entry~! Lockout doesn’t sound fun [I do realize I’ve probably said that to you like, ten times by now]. Hopefully, you can avoid future encounters with….
    Guess the lockout teacher put opera music on to add some sort of dramatic flair to their crappy classroom.

  8. Willabe, that teacher sounds nightmarish. o_o Apparently there’s a teacher at my school who draws all over his classroom walls. XD It’s pretty funny, but I’ve never personally experienced it. And our driver’s ed coach is also supposed to be the spawn of Satan. Apparently he yells a lot. But no, it doesn’t go on my permanent record, at least I hope not. If it did I swear somebody would die, especially since I was only 3 minutes late!

    Naomi, I know what you meant! I was thinking through the entire thing that it would all be worth it cuz I could go home and post about it. I’m such a weirdo.

    Thank you, Kidalanna! Yeah, it was definitely not a very exciting experience. It had better not happen again! The opera music was a bit much, IMHO… I mean, it already felt dungeon-y enough with the crappy paint job and freezing temperature. I guess that wasn’t enough for the teacher/warden.

  9. wow, we don’t have anything like that at my school.
    Actually the first thing that came into my head was Matilda, then it was dungeon’s in old castles in fairytales.

    CREEPY really is all i can say !!

    But apart from that school is good?

  10. Haha! It was definitely dungeon-like. I immediately thought the potions room in Harry Potter. XD

    And aside from that, I’m really enjoying school. I love my magnet. Of course I don’t know many people yet and I’m still a bit lost, but that should resolve itself with time.

  11. heh… at my school we have ACE. basically the same thing, only the ‘warden’ prefers folk music. *aims gun into mouth*
    And my Am. Hist. teacher likes to play the most random music. one day it was all Beatles, because that’s what was on the radio when she got up in the morning. the next it was all wedding music, since it was her anniversary. now it’s kind of a game; guess what caused today’s genre of music. today it was the Patriot soundtrack, since we were reenacting battles from the American Revolution. odd. i didn’t even know the Patriot *had* a soundtrack. 0_o

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