The India festival was quite glorious!

So today Allison and I went to an India festival held in our hometown. It was actually really interesting, considering I have no expirience with Indian culture whatsoever. I couldn’t eat any of the food as my allergies would not permit it, but we watched some awesome dancing, Sitar playing, and got Henna tattoos. Would you like to see some pictures?

We painted traditional Diwali candle holders (or something like that). The top two belong to Allison and the bottom two are mine.

Check out the crazy tattoo...

Check out the crazy tattoo...

Allison gets tatooified!

Allison gets tatooified!

You know it was bound to happen...

You know it was bound to happen...

My Henna tattoo (and Billiam the glitter-filled ball) before it chipped off. Now its pretty and orange!

My Henna tattoo (and Billiam the glitter-filled ball) before it chipped off. Now it's pretty and orange!

India has such a gorgeous culture. The traditions, the dances, the music, the clothing, the food… everything is so amazing. Here in America we have burgers, booty shorts, and Soulja Boy. Fascinating, eh? Has anyone here ever been to India? If so, I want to hear all about it.


7 Responses

  1. That sounds fun 😀
    I really like your tattoo, careful with it though, you could get a weird tan line 😛

  2. my friend lived in India for ten years. it’s in a really troubled place, with mass poverty, starvation, a history of tyrannical government, and most recently the mumbai attacks. cheers.

  3. Well, I didn’t mean the actual country. I’m just fascinated with the overall culture. Its current state is, well, less than desirable…

  4. Oooh, what a fun day! HAHA FRAN WHO WOULDA THOUGHT. xD
    Yeah, we have booty shizzorts and all that stuff, but we also have really beautiful things like (for the most part) free speech, and good education and pretty trees. I like my country, but then again, I like everything. xD

  5. Teehee, of course. ;3 I love my country as well, and I certainly wouldn’t live anywhere else. Like I said before, I’m just fascinated with India’s culture.

  6. I got henna last year in biology. it was really cool, cuz we got to mix it be ourselves and everything! mine was a sun on the back of my hand, and it lasted until the end of the school year. (we did it in May) Henna smells *awful* though, doesn’t it?

  7. I’m jealous, that’s sounds like it was so much fun~ Indian music is so pretty, someone at church introduced me to it. [it was some small group meeting at someone’s house, and she brought us to her room where we watched dances in Indian movies. Interesting indeed, but fun none-the-less.] The tattoos look so interesting, and I like your candle holders. x3
    I’ve never been to India before, it would no doubt be an interesting experience, though.

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