Just a short post, mainly because I need sleep.

Issues- we all have them, right? Me, you, and even your mom’s mother’s hairdresser have issues. Some people are quiet, some people like to sing, and other people are just downright strange. It’s human nature, really. We’re all just a little bit loopy; it’s the spice of life! So why do people try and hide their loopiness? We should embrace it, celebrate it even!

I think that’s the problem with today’s society. We put too much importance on being normal. We have to dress in what’s cool, listen to what’s cool, talk about what’s cool… honestly, we have no freedom to be who we want to be. But think about it- if being crazy is normal, isn’t being normal, well, crazy? And if nobody wants to be crazy, why do we want to be normal?

Okay, I admit that the last paragraph made my head hurt a little. The point is, I’m completely sick of seeing people act a certain way because they’re afraid to be who they really are. Now, I’m not saying to go out and be completely and totally annoying. Instead, try being yourself instead of who everyone else wants you to be. Yeah, you have issues, but so do I. So do  Marissa and Caitlin and Marina and Michelle and even Fran Drescher. They don’t try to hide them, now do they? They use their issues to make their life that much more interesting, and if you think about it, that’s how it should be.


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  1. Is this too short of a comment just to say ‘agreed’?

    Cause it’s all true.

  2. That is so true.
    I’m hoping I can stick to myself once school starts.
    This summer I’ve only surrounded myself with positive influences and really just been who I am. It’s completely different once you get in the real world and have the pressures.
    Well atleast I’ve lost all my friends who will tell me what I’m made fun of for. YEAH, I’M DIFFERENT, WHAT ABOUT IT!?

  3. so true 🙂

  4. This topic always makes my head spin with a combination of love and hatred.

    Agreed, we should all be ourselves. But, to be honest, a lot of us do anyway! But, asome seem to associate being ourselves with the same sort of person.

    For example, I am myself. I’ve never really tried much to fit to anyone else’s expectations. But I’m introverted, and quiet, and not “random”, or girly, or giggly. A lot of people tell me to “get out of my shell” and “be myself”. What shell?How can I be myself if that’s what I’m already doing? If we were all ourselves, would we really all be manic balls of crazinness? Obviously not. That’s what everyone expects. I am myself, and myself is boring.

    Besides, and I know you weren’t suggesting this, but there are some people out there who genuinely love Abercrombie, and love hip-hop, and read all the teen magazines non-stop. There are some people who have suggested before that the only reason a person likes those things is to be cooler, and of course that isn’t the case.

    Phew, long comment over! By the way, this is Naomi under a new wordpress account, in case you’re interested.

  5. Ah, the truth in words! It’s a shame we’re all too deaf to hear it.
    Sometimes, it hurts less to be another though. Maybe they’re afraid. I know I was.

    Normal does NOT exist, in my book!
    I am most definitely crazy, insane, off-my-rocker, spare my marbles, you name it, and I certainly embrace it! Is that my issue? I just see it as FIRE in a COLD DAMP WORLD. Wow.
    It’s freakin’ early, okay, so expect a little insane from the M this morning. 😛

  7. I totally agree with you, Cocoa. There really is no definition of ‘normal’ so I fail to see what standards people judge others by. People nowadays, really. =.=
    Being yourself is very nice, I think I’ve had some issues actually doing that, though. At school I act like such a polite, nice little well behaved goody-two-shoes. People always think I’m a teacher’s pet and usually don’t associate with me. Hopefully, though, I can learn to express how “crazy” I really am! 8D

  8. (ya i know im a little late. just found out u had a web page. )

    I totally agree Cocoa but the only thing i argue is, what is normal.. things change every day. nothin happens the same way.. A definition for normal that most people know is: abnormal. (Abnormal: typical or usual or regular or conforming to a norm) which is utterly and totally rediculous. (idk if i spelled that right but whatever).. I dont believe in Normal. do you?

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