I <3 my drama class

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but when you logged on to cocoadork.wordpress.com, you were redirected! If you didn’t notice, may I direct your attention to the address bar? See, I’m no longer cocoadork.wordpress.com. I’m COCOADORK.COM!! That makes me, like 1000x cooler-sounding. And plus, it’s a lot easier to remember without the wordpress. So, in honor of this glorious event, I have cupcakes! *passes out cupcakes* Eat them. Now.

However, as great as my new domain is, there are more important matters at hand, like Labor Day. As much as I love 3-day weekends, they have one downside. My Monday drama class is cancelled! You see, I’ve been taking this drama class for about four years now. It’s a really small center, but the teacher is very experienced (he’s done oodles of indie movies), and I’ve really learned a lot with him. I also student teach a class of younger kids, which I love. After all, my current career plan is an elementary school teacher.

The best part about this class is that it’s usually a bizarre place. I’ve had so many wacky experiences there- some planned, some not. I think part of it comes from the teacher, who’s very professional when he needs to be but definitely has his eccentric moments. No, let me rephrase that. His whole life is made up of eccentric moments. So now, for today’s post, I shall recount some of the more insane things that have happened in class in order to fill the void in my heart created by a drama-less Monday.

-The chicken fight in the park
This story takes place in our local place, where our entire class was being filmed doing improv games for our summer drama project. We ran around filming different improv games (in front of now-traumatized innocent bystanders, mind you). However, Andrew, who was dressed in a chicken costume for his character, wandered off to talk to strangers for no particular reason. It was then that my teacher suggested that Philip, another guy in the class, run up and start a fight with him so he could film it. He did, and the people Andrew was talking to were both shockedΒ  and amused (after all, nobody knew exactly what we were doing). One guy even took a video on his cell phone and promised to put it on YouTube. Unfortunately he never did… 😦 However, it was still a hilarious thing to watch. Both fighters were down on the ground seemingly attacking each other, and the poor chicken costume came quite close to being destroyed.

-My epic death scene
Two years ago in our special topics class we did a few weeks on moviemaking. We were divided into teams, and we were each instructed to write our own movie and then choose the crew for it. Our cast was made up of the other team, and vice versa. Our team wrote a Romeo and Juliet-esque script, but the other team decided to do a horror story. I won’t burden you with the plot details, but I will telll you that in the end it turns out to be the protagonist doing the killings (yes, I know it sounds corny… this was written by a group of 14-year-olds. It turned out fairly well, though). Guess who was cast as the protagonist? Me. Guess what the ending scene involved? Me violently stabbing my own stomach thinking I was stabbing an actual murderer instead. To get the effect just right, my drama teacher decided to put a flat bag of fake blood and a piece of cardboard under my shirt so I could repeatedly puncture it with a dull knife. In the end, the blood-stuff got all over my jeans, underwear, and skin. I had to take a bath in my poor teacher’s tub (we were filming at his house), and I’m pretty sure I got fake blood all over his towels. Whoops.

-“‘Ello, we’re British!”
Back when I was 13, the class I assistant teach was an hour before my drama class. Because of this, my teacher would take all of the assistants (there were 3 at the time, 1 for each little kid class) out for dinner beforehand. For reasons I still can’t remember, I enjoyed putting on crazy accents at the restaurants just to annoy the waiters, and Philip (the chicken fight guy). Let’s just say he did not enjoy being around meme while I made a fool out of myself in public. One day I decided to be especially silly, so I went up to just about everyone in Jason’s deli to announce that I was British. Again, I have absolutely no clue why I did that, but I certainly succeeded in annoying poor Philip as he took refuge under his table. Now my teacher will not permit me to use British accents in any way, shape, or form. Ever. He probably has good reason…

Me and my crazy random drama friend Allison. I love that class... I wouldnt know her if I wasnt in it!

Me and my crazy random drama friend Allison. I love that class... I wouldn't know her if I wasn't in it!


8 Responses

  1. I miss drama. *sniff*

  2. congrats on the new domain! drama is so much fun, those stories were LOL πŸ™‚

    I hate it when people say they’ll post the pic or vid and never do. mergle!

  3. ALLISON! πŸ˜€ You should tell your mom that unless she lets you come back, we will kidnap her in her sleep and ship her to Peru. Just see what happens. ;D

    And Ashley, I know what you mean. >.< If somebody did upload it I would've posted a link. And glad you liked the stories!

  4. I love that you have a domain πŸ™‚ it’s so awesome.


    Oooh, Drama class sounds like oodles of fun! Being silly is great πŸ™‚

    Can you still use other accents? Because if you can, you should! ^___^

  5. They’re chocolate flavored, by the way. YUMMEH.

    I love my drama class! Not only am I learning a lot, I get to also release a lot of tension that builds up during the day there and just have fun. I think I feel safest there.

    Oh yes I can! I often break out my Swedish accent in awkward silences. But I can’t sing The Nanny song or talk like Fran either, which makes me sad. My teacher just loves to torture me. Sometimes he’ll even start singing “Hey There Delilah” (a song I absolutely HATE) just to annoy me.

  6. Isn’t this breaking a rule cocoa??

  7. Not particularly. Rule #6 is still intact, for the most part. And Kevin never has to know…

  8. wow on the domain and sorry about the british accent, but i could never do an america accent πŸ™‚

    sounds like a fantastic drama class, that was what my one was like (until we stopped going) 😦 good times !

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