I think I might be dying.

I have this awful feeling in my throat that makes me think I may have unknowingly swallowed acid, and the pressure in my nasal cavities is almost unbearable. Mother says it’s a sinus infection, but I fear it’s something much, much worse. Is it possible that I’ve contracted some sort of strange exotic virus? I’ve been in bed doing nothing for the past two days. Heck, I even had to cancel a day with Allison and Jayna because my throat felt like it was about to shrivel up and die.

Let me tell you how this horrible, terrible, awful thing first started. I was over at Bree’s with Allison when I felt a strange sensation in my throat, but I dismissed it as allergies. If you weren’t aware, I do have an awful lot of those. However, when I got home I realized I might be getting sick. My throat continued to burn, so I popped about 4 Sucrets in my mouth and hoped for the best. Unfortunately those Sucrets did little more than completely and totally numb my tongue. Instead of feeling better, I felt like I had just been given a hefty dose of Novocaine.

My tongue finally regained feeling and I got to sleep, but the next day was even worse. I got up at about noon and then spent the rest of Labor Day lying in bed (much like I am now) drifting in and out of consciousness. It was nice being able to sleep the entire day away, but I think I would’ve liked it even more had I not felt like I was dying. As for today, I basically repeated the same routine. Yes, I feel better, but certainly not 100 percent just yet.

Worse yet, I was up for hours last night with a stabbing pain in my back that did not permit me to sit up, much less roll over. How does this relate to a sinus infection, you ask? Well, over at Bree’s I managed to pull a muscle while attempting to perfect this photo:

That’s right. I killed my back trying to copy High School musical. Either way I failed… I’m barely off the ground! Bree is obviously the expert in the jumping-for-the-camera department.

Anyways, it’s about 7:30 now. I think I’ll be back in school tomorrow, but right now I just feel crappy. My back pain has subsided thanks to a good dose of ibuprofen, but I’m still congested with a wicked sore throat. It’s not too late to get me a get well gift. Y’know, a nice card, flowers, all the seasons of The Nanny on DVD… something along those lines? Please?

4 Responses

  1. D:
    Poor Cocoa, I really hope that awful sicknessthingymabobber gets better soon. It sucks to go to school sick and with a sore back.

    I must say though, that picture is awesome. Your friend Bree has got some hops (er-word I picked up…it’s horrible isn’t it?)

    Hopefully you’ll be completely 100% better tomorrow!

  2. Actually, I’m staying home tomorrow again, thank goodness. 🙂 I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics so hopefully all will be well Thursday. Until then, though, I’m kicking back so I can nap, blog, and watch The Nanny for the gajillionth time (by the way, I just invented a number).

  3. GET BETTER, i hate having colds or being ill. The only good thing is getting to watch television and boxsets 🙂

    i am sending you a virtual hug, does that count as a gift?

  4. Oh, the joys of sinus infections and post nasal drip. (which, if you didn’t know, post nasal drip is mostly why your throat hurts durring a sinus infection because you have lots of stuff running now your throat!) If your lucky like me you’ll get so much post nasal drip (did I say LUCKY!?! I ment unlucky) that your throat becomes “cobbled” and you can’t feel the post nasal drip any more! Oh the joys!!

    I hope you feel better! Sinus infections are horrible!!

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