Hallway Observations

Since I’ve been posting a lot of entries written at school, I felt it was  only necessary to devote a category to them. Huzzah!

I’m in the hallway waiting for my chem teacher to show up (he promised to meet with me before school today as I missed some class last week being sick and all). Anyways, it’s common knowledge that normally when one says they’ll be there at 7:30, they’ll be there at 7:30. However, according to the teacher in the classroom beside his, 7:30 is much too early for him to be at the school. Wonderful. I’m here bright and early, ready to put on my thinking cap, but my teacher is MIA. So, until he shows up, I shall document my observations as I sit here in the hall… all alone. 😦

-The lockers are especially cold against my back. Don’t even get my started on the floor.

-What are those metal cabinet thingamajiggerss on the wall and why do they have brown paint on them?

-One of the lockers across from me is missing a number. Maybe its last student took it as a farewell gift.

-My butt is still cold, thank you very much.

-There’s some bulletin board down the hall completely covered in green paper (badly, might I add- the blue underneath is showing through!) and nothing else. I wonder what for…

-There’s my geometry teacher. I can hear his keys jangling all the way down the hall, and his shirt is especially red today.

-It’s 7:45. There’s no way I’ll have time to do chemistry.

-Some kid just walked by with big red X’s over his back jean pockets. Oy. Is that trendy nowadays?

-If you wanted an update on my butt, yes, it’s still partially frozen. So is the rest of me now. I have half a mind to do jumping jacks until I’m warm again, but if my chemistry teacher were to miraculously show up and find me jumping around like a maniac in the middle of the hallway, well, that would be awkward.

-HERE COMES MY TEACHER! It’s about time…


2 Responses

  1. 7.30 in the morning. My school doesn’t start till 8.30 and i’m just getting out of bed at 7.30!! crazy!

    did all go well??

  2. O.O
    I WAKE UP @ 7:30 (I do end up skipping breakfast because I’m running late though…)

    What time did he end up there?
    I hope you got all your work done!

    Ahh…frozen butt, but nothing is worse than frosbitten feet.
    I hope you warmed up! Because, it would suck to get sick again.

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