We’re heeeere!

So, guess where I am? If you read my last post you probably already know. That’s right, folks- Cocoa is in Seaside, Florida, her favorite place on earth! After a grueling seven-and-a-half-hour car ride, we arrived at about five o’clock last night. I rode down to the main area of town, but unfortunately it was quarter past seven and most everything was closed. Isn’t it neat to be in a town where everything closes so early?

Anyways, I woke up about eight today, showered, and hopped on my bike for a fun-filled day of awesomeness. In case you didn’t know, in Seaside you ride your bike absolutely everywhere. Everything is so close together! At about ten I arrived at what I like to of as the town central and took some photos. I also stopped by the book/record shop to look around and met an employee who gave me a ton of awesome music recommendations. Have you ever heard of Innocence Mission? If not, look them up. I’m officially addicted.

Around four o’clock, though, the weather started getting a bit violent. You see, the sky looked like it wanted to kill us, and the wind could’ve easily blown a small child to Panama City. Best of all there was a wedding going down on the beach. o_O Excellent weather to tie the knot in, eh? Anyways, most NORMAL people would retreat into their cottages, but I am not a normal person. Being the storm-loving, insane person I am, it meant beach time! I scurried out to the water and frolicked in the waves, laughing like a madwoman. You see, not many things make me laugh. I chuckle a lot, but a genuine, hearty laugh? That, my friend, does not happen very often. However, you should hear me in that water. Being in the ocean, jumping over waves, doing flips, floating… it’s really where I feel most free.

It’s almost ten o’clock now. I should probably be headed off to bed as I do have a big day tomorrow! So, until then, have some photos. :3


One Response

  1. The photos are brilliant. 😀
    what type of camera do you own?

    YAY. okay, I guess I’ve never figured it out…where do you really live? haha

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