Now it’s time for useless facts!

I LOVE useless facts with a deep, burning passion. In fact, I loved them before they were cool and had their own iPhone application. So what’s so good about useless facts, you ask? Why would anybody care about such idiotic statistics? They make great icebreakers at parties, for one. Also, it’s just kind of cool to be able to spout off random information at will. Knowing this, can you even fathom my delight when I stumbled upon a series of books completely devoted to useless facts? I was at the book store in Seaside and there they were. Just sitting on a table… waiting for me. Apparently there are a ton of books in the series, but I only read three. However, I did bring along my trusty notebook and copied down a few of the more, um, INTERESTING ones. I’m not sure how factual they are, but seeing that they’re in a book, I’d say they have some credibility!

Papaphobia- the fear of popes

No one knows why a duck quack doesn’t echo

40% of women have admitted to throwing footwear at men

The last words of the guillotined Elizabeth, sister of King Louis XVI, were, “in the name of modesty, please cover up my bosom”

Dr. Seuss coined the word “nerd” in the 1950 book “If I Owned The Zoo”

13 people are crushed by falling vending machines per year

7% of people believe Elvis is alive

A klazomaniac is someone who feels like shouting

The Sanskrit word for war quite literally means “desire for more cows”

In Jasmine, Saskatchewan, it is illegal for a cow to moo within 300 kilometers of a private house

Ray Romano and Fran Drescher went to high school together (This one was actually in the book! I couldn’t help but squeal when it mentioned Fran, even though I already knew this…)

Napoleon was afraid of cats and conducted his battle plans in a sandbox

The Bible has been translated into Klingon (jIH tlhob SoH vam… qatlh?)

Amazing, right? I’m sure you learned some new things today. I myself was hadgreat fun reading these lovely facts, but then I came across this little downer at the end of the last book:

97% statistics are made up.

And, uh, that kind of ruined it for me. Why couldn’t the authors just leave me in ignorant bliss? Oh well. Maybe THAT statistic was part of the dreaded 97%. But then, if it was made up, then there would be no 97%, and it must be true! Ack, nevermind. My brain has begun to hurt. So, until next time, have a pope.

Papaphobics, avert your eyes! The horror!

Papaphobics, avert your eyes! The horror!


6 Responses

  1. heyyyy 🙂 love the pope. BAHAHAHAHA.

    I think I have PAPAphobics. 😀

    Nerdfighters should worship Dr. Seuss then. Win.

  2. you=awesome. i loved this blog, it was delightful and random. 🙂

  3. AHAHAHA, I love the picture you added at the end xD

    Did you know that men who kiss their spouses every day can live up to 3 years longer than men who don’t?

    Shocker huh?

    Something about love and how the dopamine works in your brain.

  4. 73% of people will believe any statement with a percentage in it. XD
    Have you seen the one that is this huge word that ends in phobia and starts with a z, and it means fear of long words, that cracks me up.

    I love useless facts, they are amazing!

  5. Interesting article:
    So too bad I guess for that one.

    Also, see this one:
    “…according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission there were 37 known vending machine fatalities between 1978 and 1995, for an average of 2.18 deaths per year.”

  6. Oh. Well. 2.8 vending machine deaths. XD And the duck one sucks. Ah, well. It was fun while it lasted.

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