New (old?) layout + new pictures

Well, I changed the layout back. There were a lot of things about the old one that relaly bugged me, and I missed my old posts. So, it’s back to the daydream theme for me! But that’s not to say I won’t continue to post photos. I just don’t want them to be the main focus of my blog. Every few days I’ll post a few sets of photos. Also, I still plan on changing the layout- just not that drastically! Maybe a new header? If you guys want to make one for me I’ll love you forever. No, really. Forever and ever and ever.

So, now that we’re all back to normal, I want to share something with you guys. Ariella came over today (and brought her little sister Heidi), so I subjected them to a series of photos. I think they actually turned out rather nicely, and since I have nothing else to talk about at the moment, here they are! I got a new camera, which explains the awesome quality. If you’re wondering, it’s a Canon Rebel EOS. Excellent, eh?


2 Responses

  1. Aww, I didn’t even get a chance to see the new lay out D:
    haha, oh well, I really love this one anyway.

  2. Awesome pictures! Have you thought about photography as a career?
    I liked the new(well now old) layout. But it was drasticly different, and I see why you went back.

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