Do you want to be my friend?

Aahh, Halloween! Besides Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday. I’m a huge horror fan, you see, and Halloween is the only time you can go all out with your costume without being thought of as a raving lunatic. I trick-or-treated with a friend last year, but this year I decided to do something a bit more creative before heading off to a costume party. I dressed up as a creepy doll, sat on my porch with a candy bowl in my lap, barely breathed, and closed my eyes (no blinking!). Better yet, I set up stuffed animals and dolls on the porch (to add to the playroom effect) and hung up a sign saying “take your share and DON’T anger the dolly” above my head. When people would come up, I’d either open my eyes and smile suddenly, grab their hand as they reached for the candy, slap my hand in the candy bowl, ask if they wanted to be my friend, or simply just wave at them. Of course I didn’t scare the little ones, of course, but I did scar some big kids for life. Also, adults were scarred as well.

Pictures of people 002

It's a really crappy point-and-shoot shot, but unfortunately it's the only one I have of my costume. Also, click for a bigger picture!

I remember one couple came up to my porch talking about whether I was real or not. The man (a very muscular fellow at that) was convinced I was an actual doll… that is, until I opened my eyes and gave him an evil smile. Needless to say, he screamed and got the heck off that porch. It was immensely funny. Later on, a brother and sister came up, and neither one wanted to get near me. Aftter a few minutes the brother tried to get a lollipop, but I quickly put my hand in the bowl and he and the girl both freaked out. I could hear them at the next house talking about how I was so creepy. Best of all, as another girl was leaving, she kept peeking back at me nervously. All of the sudden, I started waving vigorously, and she screamed bloody murder and raced across the street in a frenzy. Everyone with her was cracking up, and even I couldn’t hold in my giggles.

So what did you guys do this Halloween? Did you scare anybody? Did someone scare you? Tell me all about it in the comments sections. And until next time, here are some photos from the carnival Ariella, Heidi, and I briefly attended during the afternoon. Fun day!


2 Responses

  1. I opened the picture to see it nice and big, and my mom asked who it was. I told her Cocoa, then she said your last name, and I was like, how do you know her? and I guess facebook wants you guys to be friends.
    For Halloween I went to a football game, and got guilted into being the mascot. It was fun, but I felt quite queezy in the 3rd quarter. (got home to find I actually do have a temp) I suggest if you are ever a mascot, a) do it when you are feeling healthy and b) have water. It was fun to see the little kids face light up when I waved at them though.
    I want to do something like that sometime. But we only get about 20 trick or treaters, so I would have to do it somewhere else.

  2. wow, that is creepy.

    nothing that big happens here but i watched cloverfield with two of my friends and ate tons of sweets as no-one really ever knocks 🙂

    Happy November

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