Cocoa’s best (and worst) everything of 2009

First and foremost, check out the new header! For the record, all of the little chibi-Cocoas were drawn by me. My artistic talent is, um, lacking (to say the least), so I’m rather proud of them. Also, they’ll be popping up around the site from here on out, so keep your eyes peeled. A new look is a great way to kick off the new year, no?

Now, let’s get down to business. I realize 2009 is not over… well, at least not yet. However, I wanted to get a headstart on my New Year’s post… Cocoa’s best (and worst) EVERYTHING of 2009! All of this is purely my opinion, of course, and you probably won’t agree. That’s why you need to post your best and worst list in the comments at the end! Anyways, enough rambling. Let’s get started.

Best movie
I am not a movie buff, and therefore I really didn’t watch that many movies this year. However, everybody loves movies, so I thought it would be best to include this category. So of the ones that I watched, there were two that really stood out to me, and they will be sharing this title.

Coraline and Avatar! I know the general public is probably sick and tired of hearing about Avatar, and I don’t blame them. It got a lot of buzz. However, I especially liked it anyways… especially since it had Sigourney Weaver in it. Have I ever mentioned I LOVE Sigourney Weaver? No, really, I do. Besides Fran Drescher, she’s probably my favorite actress (except I don’t obsess over her quite as much). However, I think I liked Coraline a little more than Avatar. The score was amazing, I loved the visuals, and the plot was pretty awesome as well. Neil Gaiman can do no wrong.
Runners-up: (500) Days of Summer, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (of course)
Worst movie: New Moon (gag me with a spoon)

Best album
Music is most definitely my thing, and I could go on and on about my favorite albums. However, I guess I’ll just have to choose one so I won’t put you all to sleep. And that one would be…

Regina Spektor- Far! I know a lot of people were not crazy about this album, but personally I enjoyed it very much. The highlights were most definitely Human of the Year, The Calculation, Eet, and Dance Anthem of the 80’s. Thank you, Ms. Spektor, for continually putting out really super awesome music. Thank you.
Runners-up: The Hush Sound- Goodbye Blues, Tegan and Sara- Sainthood
Worst: Owl City- Ocean Eyes (sorry Marissa- I’m getting really sick of hearing it), Justin Beiber- My World

TV Show
I’m slowly watching more and more TV… is that bad?

Yes, I s’pose my choice was very expected seeing that I’m a one-time theater nerd. No, Glee is not my favorite show ever (that title belongs to The Nanny), but it was my favorite of 2009! If you haven’t watched it, I recommend you do that. Like, now.
Runners-up: Umm… I really don’t know. Maybe I’m not watching as much TV as I thought.
Worst: ALL THOSE REPETITIVE MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTES! Rawr. Oh yeah, and Jersey Shore is also really bad. So is that one new Kardashian sister show…

Like music, I really like books. Maybe I like them too much. And my favorite of 2009?

The Anatomy of Wings! Okay, truth be told I have no freaking idea when this was published. I’m pretty sure it was in 2009, but if not we just won’t tell anyone. ;D Anyways, if you haven’t read this book, I suggest you go do that as soon as humanly possibly. Told from the viewpoint of a 10-year-old girl after the death of her wild-child sister, Anatomy of Wings was a superb, character-driven novel. I was very disappointed when it ended, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise.
Runners-up: way too many to count. πŸ˜›

And now here’s the fun part! I’m sure you guys have your own best/worst list of 2009. So how about you post it in the comments? I’d really love to see your opinions. Anyways, until next time, peace, love, and Fran Drescher!


6 Responses

  1. ahhh. I’m happily awaiting all these little doodles AND THIS LIST.



  2. Aww, thank you, Ashley! Is there anything you want to add? πŸ˜€

  3. This is a good question, homey! Although, does it have to be something that CAME OUT in 2009? Or just something you read/watched/listened to in 2009? I’ma gonna do the latter coz… yeah.

    Best movie: Speak or Garden State.
    Worst movie: Ummmm, I can’t really think of any! I don’t really watch that many movies, and if I don’t like them I don’t finish them. πŸ˜›

    Best album: Ocean Eyes by Owl City for LP and Dear Juliet by Chase Coy for EP.
    Worst album: Songs for Polar Bears by Snow Patrol. Kind of disappointing.

    Best TV show: SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM OH MY GOD. Modern Family, I’ll say, because it’s my favorite new show.
    Worst TV show: This is hard. Guh. Probably Jerry Springer or something, because that show makes me feel terrible after watching it.

    Best book: The Jessica Darling Series or Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

    Hope you didn’t mind that I did like 2 things for each category. This was fun!

  4. Came out in 2009. πŸ˜€ I would’ve put a ton more shows if it meant it was just a continuing season.


  5. Oh my goodness, I dislike Glee so much xD

    I mean, I’m not a huge theater/showchoir type of person but that’s not why I think the show is bad. I think the show is bad because it’s so choppy and it’s writing is just O.O”

    Personally it would be on my worst of 2009 list XP

    I didn’t actually watch a lot of movies or catch up on new books. I didn’t venture out and do new things at all. I kind of stayed within my comfort zone, maybe that’ll be my new resolution. Watch new movies, new tv shows, read new books, and listen to new music so at the end of 2010 I’ll have better answers for you.

    This is a great post, I kind of wished you talked about your worsts though, that would have been great to read πŸ™‚

    Happy 2010! We’re almost in the new decade! Can you believe that just 10 years ago it was the 2000s?

  6. Oh and your banner? Friggin adorable.

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