I’m on Day 6, by the way.

I’ve gotta stop disappearing for days at a time like this. I guess part of it’s because I’ve been focused on a completely different project… 365 Days! If you don’t know, it’s basically where you take a photo every day for an entire year. I’m still figuring out how I’m gonna get the time to accomplish this, but oh well. Right now the homework load is light and I’m having fun.

If you want to see the photos I’ve done so far, here’s the handy-dandy link to them. Surprisingly I’ve done a lot of portraits as opposed to still life… usually I don’t photograph people. Maybe I’m just developing as a photographer or something. Also, if you’ll notice, I’ve pulled off some pretty exciting editing tricks, like in these photos:

In the black-and-white one I actually removed the braces from my friend Meredith’s teeth. No, not in real life- I’d have to use a fork or something. This method was much less painful. I just used Gimp and edited them out. 🙂 By the way, Meredith, if you’re reading this, I still love your braces. Well, at least as much as a human being can love them, which really isn’t much… but I ramble. I fear I should go ahead and end this post. But first, I should show you the amazingly awesome Christmas present Allison got for me!

Why yes, that most certainly is Fran Drescher on my shirt. Try to contain your jealousy... it's very unsightly on you.


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  1. hehe crazy photos 🙂

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