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Junie’s day out
September 13, 2009

It was just another ordinary day in the life of Junie the hedgehog. She was fast asleep under her fleece blanket, just like she always is at 1 in the afternoon, when suddenly her mommy took her out to be held. Another routine thing, right? Wrong! Little did she know that she was headed for an afternoon full of excitement and adventure at our local PetSmart.

Sunday 001

Can you tell that my hair is wet? Because it is.

The PetSmart employees have all gotten to know Junie rather well. However, the customers are always surprised to see me walking around with a little ball of quills in my arms. I always get questions about her. Oh yeah, and some people think she’s a porcupine. Uh… no.

Allison and Junie have some cuddle time.

Allison and Junie have some cuddle time.

Junie and Finnegan are both really sweet, but Junie is a bit more skittish. Finnegan, on other hand, is completely chill, no matter who he’s with. I’m hoping Junie will eventually get to that point.

Sunday 005

Poor Junie has been having some skin problems. We think it's her bedding so we switched to liners, but if it doesn't clear up it could be a fungal thing and she'll have to see a vet. How sad.

Normally I don’t allow Junie to peek in the cages, but today I made an exception. She met many interesting creatures, including crabs, birds, cats, and mice. Of course they were all behind glass, but it was a completely new experience for her. I think she kind of wanted to eat the crabs.

All in all, it was an interesting day for our quilled little friend. In fact, it’s been an interesting week- her bedding was changed from litter to lining, and she got a brand new low-fat cat food. Both of the hedgies have gotten a little plump… they have wheels and plenty of toys, so I guess it must be their food. But in the meantime, I can tell people I have an obese hedgehog. I mean, how many people can say THAT?