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Lalala… animated GIFs!
January 17, 2010

The internet is a vast, vast place, and there are many ways you can waste time on it. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, and, in my case, obsessively Googling Fran Drescher are all popular time killers. But you know what else I like to do? I absolutely adore hunting down those amusing little animated GIF images. In fact, I’ve spent way too much time doing just that here recently. Shall I show you my findings for today’s blogpost? Hmm… that sounds like fun. Many of them are from Emmy Cicierega’s blog (, which I am a frequent reader of, but others I’ve stumbled upon in different ways. Oh yes, and you must click on the image file to see the animation. Enjoy!

Really, if I’m feeling down, animated GIFs make it all better. So which one was your favorite? Me, I’m partial to the Snow White/Robert Pattinson one and the asian child dancing with the balloon. Also, are there any funny GIFs you’d like to share? If so, post ’em in the comments. 😀