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Snow days and demonic snowmen
January 7, 2010

I didn’t go to school today. Why, you ask? It snowed! That’s right- it flipping SNOWED. I know some of you lucky ducks get snow all the time, but where I live we get it once, maybe twice a year.  And did I mention that basically everything shuts down if there’s even half an inch of the white stuff on the ground? Seriously, my entire town goes into panic modes. Roads are closed, people stock up on essentials, and schools are out for the day as well. It’s kind of funny to sit back and watch the mass chaos ensue.

Anyhoo, my brother and I spent the day frolicking in the powder that had accumulated. We were even able to make a snowman taller than three inches! That, I do believe, was the most exciting part. However, seeing that I’ve had about zero practice in the fine art of snow sculpting, said snowman fell apart about three times. Also, his proportions were way off, and his face kind of looked demonic.  No… that’s an understatement. The thing looked REALLY demonic. I have no idea what I did to the poor guy, but he turned out absolutely terrifying. Kind of like this:

Behold, my snowman of DOOOM!

Well, at least I can rest easy knowing my snowman won’t have to worry about bullies. But I DO have to worry about how it’s sitting in my yard right now, staring at my house… lovely, right?

So, is it snowing in your area? Did you get out of school? Tell me all about it! Ahhh, I love snow… if only we just got more of it…